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After helping out Vince, Johan hadn’t planned on staying at Levi and Ice’s compound for long. However, Johan realizes how much plans can change when Galen comes over from Africa to join Johan, and the two are sent into town on a job that’s close and up-front personal to another member of Legendary Security.

Joyce, otherwise called Joy, sought a career position but accepted something out of her normal skill set in order to pay the rent. But when her inventory lists show missing drugs, she knows something ugly is going on. With no one at the company willing to listen, she turns to her old friend Kai for advice.

Johan wasn’t the answer Joy was looking for, but, when she finds out the previous employee to hold her position is in the morgue, she’s damn happy to have him.

Her job might be safe … but her life? Well, that’s on the line …

April 7
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

Johan' Joy

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a good book. There were some sparks between Johan and Joy. It seemed to be mostly on Johan's side at first. I did understand though as Joy was the one with her life in an uproar.

Joy works for a company and finds some drugs that have come up missing. She calls her friend Kai who in turns called Ice. Ice sends in Johan and Galen to find out what is going on. Things quickly heats up in action. There is plenty of murder, mystery and mayhem here.

This book is written in a dual POV format. This was great into understanding some of the actions and speech of Joy's. I loved Johan. You could really see that he was attracted to Joy but he was cautious to get behind what was going on at the company where Joy worked.

There was a sexy scene so I can only recommend this to someone over the age of 18. If you enjoy a suspenseful romance, you may what to give this a try.

Cheryl SDS ,

Great action!

This is book 21 in the Heroes for Hire series and it features Johan and Joy. She discovered some inventory discrepancies at her new job and being that the last person in her position was killed, she need some help. Johan and Galen go in undercover. Johan and Joy are attracted to each other but it’s very difficult to see her attraction to him. She’s kind of an odd person. The build up of the mystery and suspense is fantastic but when the climax hits, the story just rolls over it and continues on.

The story line is great but needs a little more of an exciting peak. As always, all the guys that work for Levi and Ice are awesome! Always looking forward to more!

Scmone ,

And another

The author has done it again I’m loving these heroes and to finally have some of Bullards men is great . Johan and Joy’s evolving relationship was also enjoyable.

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