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The sources from which the following narrative has been derived are (1) the splendidly edited and complete edition of Knox's Works in six volumes, by Dr. David Laing; (2) the Memoir of the Reformer, by Dr. Thomas McCrie, forming the first volume of the collected works of that eminent theologian; (3) the monograph by the late Professor Lorimer, D. D. , entitled John Knox and the Church of England; and (4) the Histories of the Period, more especially that of Scotland, by John Hill Burton, vols. iii. and iv. , and that of England, by J. A. Froude, vols. v. and vi. Some assistance also has been derived from The Scottish Reformation, by Professor Lorimer; and the two sketches by Carlyle, the one in his Heroes and Hero Worship, and the other in his essay on the Portraits {vi} of John Knox, have been both helpful and suggestive. Quotations have been generally indicated, but this acknowledgment must cover any accidental omission to give to each author his due; and for the rest the reader may be assured that while no material fact has been omitted, nothing has been recorded for which ample authority could not be given. The figure has been felt to be too large for the canvas to which we have been restricted, but we have sought to reproduce, as faithfully as possible the man as he was, and if we may succeed in removing any of the unreasonable prejudice, with which many still regard the Scottish Reformer, the story of his life will not be retold by us in vain.

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