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Finally, the information you've been waiting for: who really killed JonBenet?

Perhaps the most compelling murder case of our day, the death of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey galvanized the nation-and years after it occurred, the mystery still endures. Who killed the young beauty queen and why? Who is covering up for whom and who is simply lying? In JonBenet, the most authoritative and comprehensive study of the Ramsey murder, a former lead Boulder Police detective, Steve Thomas, explores the case in vivid and fascinating detail-pointing the way toward an analysis of the evidence some deem too shocking to consider. Here, Thomas raises these and many other provocative questions:

-How was the investigation botched from the beginning-and why did police so carelessly allow the crime scene to be tampered with?

-Why were John and Patsy Ramsey protected from early questioning and any lie-detector tests, even though their stories and behavior were erratic, suspicious and inconsistent?

-Why was crucial evidence ignored, why were certain key witnesses unquestioned by detectives, and why were the Ramseys privy to sensitive information about the case and even police reports?

April 1
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

QueenThalia16 ,


I hope they do a second part to this story

IcyDay37 ,


To Det. Steve Thomas:

I truly believe that your courage in writing this book has given Jonbenet Ramsey the justice she deserves.

God bless you.

gb0923 ,

Fantastic. More of the Truth!

Innocent parents talk to police after their daughter is murdered- bottom line. John and Patsy Ramsey must be the first couple in history who didn't talk to police after the murder of their daughter. But I guess when you are guilty and you can't take accountability you have to avoid police, lie and play games to get away with it. I just want to commend this detective for standing up for true justice. It's hard to leave your job and it's hard to stand up to the upper class sometimes. This is further proof that the murderer of Jonbenet was her family. This detective gave us all what we deserve - an insiders look at the disgusting pathetic ridiculous game the Ramsey's played to get away with a homicide. This case makes me so angry because they got away with it! I am 1000% sure that John and Patsy Ramsey covered up her murder and wrote that ransom note. One criminal profiler refused to be hired by the Ramsey's because he knew it was them.

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