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Nina Janelle is accustomed to getting what she wants out of her men--in battle and in bed. These days, she's in a losing battle with her panther-shifter heat cycle, each round requiring more and more men to quell her burning need. Until she meets Commission Officer Jordan Vasil. Suddenly, only one man can satisfy her--too bad the cocky pilot grates on her very last nerve.

May 23
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R. Manor ,

Jordan-Interstellar Alphas book 3

Mandy Roth - Jordan -Interstellar Alphas
This is book 3 in the Interstellar Alphas series by Mandy Roth. We have been introduced to these characters in the previous books and now it is a Jordan and Nina's story.

In the previous book Jordan's brother mates Nina's sister but Jordan has continued to stay on planet not returning to his officer position with The Commission. Jordan Vasil is a were-lion and has hide his shifter abilities from the commission all this time. Basically he does not want to leave Nina but has not gotten around to telling her plus the two tend to quarrel constantly. Still he remains patient with the tough no nonsense head of the Stargaidia guards.
Nina, were-panther , has no time to be going into "heat" but her shifter side feels otherwise. Not shy to have been with other men somehow the only man who will quell her were-panther's needs is Jordan. The one male who never fails to get on her nerves (although she secretly is very drawn to him).
Circumstances arise that bring Nina and Jordan together when they crash going on an off world mission. Together they have to face danger, adventure and get over several obstacles, the main one being to stop denying hey are fated mates.
I was really looking forward to Jordan's story and although I enjoyed the story and would still highly recommend it, I felt it was a bit short and more shallow than the first two. The ending also had a bit of a cliff hanger as the two still need to complete the mission they had set off on.
Overall, It's an entertaining enjoyable series and I look forward to book 4.

javaperk ,

Loved it

While I loved the story and how Mandy Roth brings her characters to life and I didn't care for Nina's self doubt, because for me, it didn't mesh with her strong character. Because the books I love come alive for me, things that would bother me in real life people, bother me in books. Aside from that, I loved the story. The writing was excellent as always and I couldn't put it down until it was done.

DonnaHok ,

Close quarters brings the unexpected

Nina Janelle is head of the Sargaidia guards and not accustom to taking orders in or out of bed. And defiantly not from a cocky pilot that’s just so happens to turn her libido on high. But his attitude is not what she’s accustom to and doesn’t want to tolerate.
Jordan Vasil has had the hots for Nina from the moment he saw her. But she would rather cut his tongue out then have anything to do with him.
But the two are put in close quarters when Jordan pilots Nina to find her brother. And this is where things really get interesting and unexpected things happen.
This is part of a series and yet is still a self-contained story that’s very well written and entertaining to read.

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