Jose Silva Guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports: Think and Grow Fit

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You've seen athletes do it in all sports:

*Members of the Olympic bobsled team just before their run, eyes closed, their bodies swaying back and forth as they visualize the run.
*Professional basketball players mimicking the free throw, picturing it mentally, before actually taking the ball and shooting it.
*The pro golf champion on the tee visualizing his drive.

Research has shown conclusively that when you practice mentally - at the correct level of mind - you will gain almost as much benefit as you will when you practice physically. And when you combine both physical and mental practice, your results are far greater.

Silva graduates report they have been able to:

*Learn what they need to know, faster and easier.
*Train their bodies to perform better by visualizing at the correct level of mind.
*Improve their intuition and anticipation so that they do the right thing at the right time more often, automatically.
*Manage pain, and recover from injuries faster.
*Program themselves for success.

Play the mental game like the superstars do

Whether you are a beginner or a world champion, there are techniques in this book that you can use to develop your physical and mental skills. Don't just sit and watch other people enjoying the rewards of success - get up and get involved.
Enjoy the benefits of better health, attractive appearance, the recognition for what you have accomplished, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that you achieved something worthwhile.
Use the techniques to help you achieve your training and athletic goals, to get the body you want, and to live the healthy, successful life that you deserve.

National and World Champions featured in Jose Silva's Guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports:

*Find out how the practical aspects of the Silva Method enabled Vidheya, a young Italian girl, to become National Martial Arts Champion.
*World Series MVP Bucky Dent tells how the Silva Method helped his career, and why he recommends it to his younger players.
*Bruce Schneider details how he used Silva techniques to help him hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th inning that won the game and qualified his team for the slow pitch softball World Series.
*Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno of the Philippines explains how the Silva techniques helped him win the World Cup of Bowling.
*Internationally known sports psychologist Andrzej Wojcikiewicz explains how the Silva techniques helped the Canadian National Fencing Team improve dramatically and do better than expected in the Barcelona Olympics.

Young athletes:

*Learn how the Silva techniques helped Natalie Lacuesta, an 11-year old Illinois girl and the youngest member of her team, achieve the Number One ranking in the United States in rhythmic gymnastics.
*Discover the simple technique that basketball coach Hector Chacon used in his halftime talk that turned a group of athletes that experts considered losers, into winners.
*Learn how Dana Sheets, who believed Jose Silva when he told her she could accomplish anything, used programming and physical practice to make her high school's varsity tennis team as a freshman.
*Ernesto O. Uy used the Silva Method techniques to win a championship in marksmanship, then helped his son use the techniques to win a championship in a declamation contest.

Older athletes:

*An Ohio man explains why the Silva System was invaluable in giving him the stamina to earn his black belt in karate at the age of 57.
*Learn how the oldest player on the softball team - old enough to be the father of most of the other players - uses mental techniques to help him become MVP when he led his team to victory in a tournament.

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