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We all have a valley to walk in our lifetime, yet what if that shadowed valley never ends? What do we do when our illness steals so much from us? 

Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley is my journal, my journey. It chronicles my ups and downs, my doubts, my praises, and my dreams. I'm giving you an inside look at being newly diagnosed with a chronic condition and chronic pain. It's my hope that you find you aren't alone in the fight as you read my words and the words of six other people who have learned to live with their chronic conditions. 

Our illness may be a thief, but we can still live life to its fullest! I invite you to travel with me in Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley. Together we thrive!

“The blunt honesty that Daphne reveals as she struggles with fibromyalgia provides hope to those who deal with lifelong chronic pain. Her relationship with Jesus during the worst of times shows through our weakness Jesus shows his strength. If we lay our sorrows before Christ He will lift them from our shoulders just as He promised when He said “My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). Daphne’s journey gives hope to those who believe they have no hope and that hope is found in Jesus.” 

Ann Allen, author of Out of Darkness

“Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley by Daphne Self paints a picture of chronic illness. The book’s daily descriptions of pain and loss are woven into the author’s strong faith, which sees her through the valleys of her disease. The book will help others who have chronic illnesses feel less alone as it educates all to the depth of suffering and daily struggles of those with chronic diseases.” 

Gail Pallotta, a Reader’s Favorite Award Winner and TopShelf 2020 Nominee

“Daphne Self’s Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley is an illuminating account of the daily struggles faced by fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients. The author finds consolation in her Christian faith, but this is a must-read for anyone with FMS who feels lost, confused and alone; or for their family members or friends. Helpful references are included where to seek more information. Fibromyalgia is a genuine disease, which recent evidence is confirming, and this “real and raw” book reveals its devastating effects on the sufferer.” 

Ronda L. Wells, MD

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November 17
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