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In this sweeping historical saga of young America,

one decision can change a life forever and Sarah Eastham makes more than one.

Daughter of parents who counted President Washington and the First Lady as friends, Sarah had a bright future until a scandal--not of her making--cast her outside society's bounds. Trying to escape this, she married and then divorced, decisions she lived to regret. But her innate honesty would not allow her to suffer society's double standard in silent impotence. 

Three years later, Sarah is still an exile in her own country. Again taking her fate into her own hands, she makes another life-altering decision. She forsakes the thirteen United States for faraway French Colonial New Orleans to begin afresh. But sailing south through the pirate-ridden Caribbean is no place for an unprotected lady.

Douglas "Mac" McKuen, another innocent outcast from American society, is hired to protect her on her way. Mac plans to trade in fur on the frontier Mississippi River to begin the foundation of the wealth and social stature he will strive to gain. And wealthy Sarah, who will deemed a gauche American, will try to navigate Creole society, make a place for herself. Neither Sarah nor Mac can predict the challenges they will meet there. But after the dangerous voyage, the two forge a friendship to face whatever comes together.

Faraway, Napoleon begins conquering Europe. How could that effect Sarah and Mac? Yet the events of history--including treason and intrigue--ripple far and cannot be escaped. When Sarah's past pursues her to New Orleans, more decisions must be made. The most important is can she trust a man with her heart? Two men failed her. Will Mac?~~Lady Sarah

Fiction & Literature
April 18
Lyn Cote
Draft2Digital, LLC

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