Journey to Newland

A Road Map for Transformational Change

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Publisher Description

Are you ready for change?  Successful teams and organizations all over the world use the Journey to Newland story as a road map to lead change, manage transition, and transform individuals.

With an an engaging fable, the Journey to Newland storybook provides readers with a cast of memorable characters, a captivating story, and a common language to deal with difficult and often emotionally sensitive issues in negotiating change within their organizations. 

This symbolic story follows a group of animal characters through uncharted territory, from Oldland to Newland.  The characters represent various change mindsets and behaviors, how we deal with change, and how others experience us through change.  Navigating such metaphorical places as Nostalgia Desert, Transition Valley, and Leverage Lake, the transformer team—comprised of Eagle, Owl, Lion, Dolphin, and Ant—finds a way to survive, even thrive by overcoming resistance and leading change.

“Journey to Newland skillfully and creatively illustrates the process, principles, and

capabilities required for successful transformational change.”

—BOB PETTUS, retired vice chairman of the board, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

“Journey to Newland is a proven process for strategic planning and strategic communication. It

integrates frameworks, capabilities, and tools to achieve desired outcomes through these two

vital activities that determine business results.”

—WINNIE WANG, CEO, Visionary Consulting, Shanghai, China

“Journey to Newland is a practical and impactful approach to simulating and stimulating change.

It creates a vivid visualization of the desired change that leads to achieving real change.”

— ARINYA TALERNGSRI, managing director, SEAC, Bangkok, Thailand

“This story provides change leaders and teams with an impartial and unifying platform to deal

with behavioral challenges that might otherwise undermine a well-intended change effort.”

—JEFFERY TAN, Director, Professional Development, Singapore Institute of Management

“Journey to Newland is an extremely useful business tool that has enabled us to explain complex

business principles in a simple and engaging format. Don’t be fooled by the symbolism on the

surface. This story goes much deeper than meets the eye. It’s ‘simplexity’ at its best.”

— SCOTT CHONTOS, CEO, N.J. Malin & Associates

“Using the story and the process behind it allowed our company to evolve in both our

revenues and our leadership culture.”

—ANGELA Y. BAUER, Owner, Tropical Nut and Fruit

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August 14
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