Jupiter Remembered: A Memoir

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Jupiter Remembered is the memoir of a woman's journey toward understanding the very meaning and purpose of her life. Her spiritual nature becomes her most trusted companion, as she travels along the byways of her many faceted life. This is a story that can best be described as inspiring in nature, diverse in experience, and memorable in its wisdom-filled pages. Loving relationships are a keystone in the life that this woman has built; insight, has been the mortar for its edifice. 

The story begins in Philadelphia, where you will be introduced to her family, and her cherished relationship with her sister. Myra's belief at the age of seven that she came from another world, is the unknown mystery that weaves throughout her life. The mystery is supported by the element of her imagination, and ultimately provides the structure for her healing processes. Her sensitivity and intuitiveness are her guides; a compelling combination of resources that accompany her throughout her life.

Her families' Russian and Egyptian Jewish Diaspora experiences add a rich texture to the very fabric of her life. The challenges that immigration can bring are beautifully told, and show the respect that comes from an acceptance of cultural differences. The love of children, and their nurturing are important elements in this tender story. The valuing of family is paramount, along with the openness to new relationships. This is a family that embraces different cultures, and celebrates the uniqueness that only diversity can bring. The family tapestry can be described as rich in texture and color - Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America are part of its uniqueness.

It is Myra and her husband Maurice's love story that open the reader to the possibility of transcending differences. It is about the coming together of two people from entirely different socio-cultural backgrounds who make a lifetime commitment to love and honor each other. The love that they have for each other is palpable, and offers a model for what a healthy long-term relationship can be like, and has been for over fifty-one years.

Myra's shares the development of her professional life as she emerges from her halcyon days of motherhood to her advancement in her nursing and teaching careers. Her career beyond Philadelphia was in the cities of Huntsville, Alabama and Palm Beach County, Florida. The telling of her story is brushed with the patina of compassion for the patient's she works with, and the students that she grooms toward their own nursing careers. 

It is the discovery of depth astrology at the age of fifty-nine that intensified her capacity to understand the interrelationships and patterns within her family. Riding on astrology's wings, she freed herself to better understand her family in a totally unique way. One does not have to be an astrologer to appreciate how she strives for a better understanding - it is her faith in the process that lifts the reader to new possibilities!

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