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44 recipes for festive desserts and drinks for the holiday season, all contributed by the wonderful authors and staff at Tirgearr Publishing.


Be Still My Heart Banana Nut Bread by Patricia McAllister
Bread Pudding by Kemberlee Shortland
Canadian Christmas Pudding with Rum Sauce by Lynette Willows
Cappuccino Mousse by Christine McPherson
Chocolate Fondue by Stephanie Johnson
Chocolate Seduction Cake by Charlene Raddon
Cream Cheese Cookies by Dellani Oakes
Crumbs Crumble by Cathy Mansell
Dark Dream Bites by K.A. Laity
Divinity Fudge by R.L. McCoy
Individual Apple Sponges by Christine McPherson
Irish Brack by Cathy Mansell
Irish Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon by Peter Shortland
Magpie Pie by K.A. Laity
Mexican Wedding Cookies by Scarlett Valentine
Mince Pies by Peter Shortland
Mini Filo Dessert Bites by Isabo Kelly
Oatmeal Cookies by Charlene Raddon
Pecan Pie by R.L. McCoy
Pumpkin Pie by Amanda Stephanie
Pumpkin Roll by Carley Bauer
Pumpkin Spice Bread by Amanda Stephanie
Raspberry-Topped Lemon Pie by Charlene Raddon
Red Velvet Cupcakes by Scarlett Valentine
Rich, Thick and Chocolate Brownies! by Christy Nicholas
Rum Balls by Kristi Ahlers
Savarin Cake by Charlene Raddon
She’s My Cherry Pie by Scarlett Valentine
Shortbread Cookies by R.L. McCoy
Sugar Cookies by Kristi Ahlers
The Real Deal Baked Cheesecake by Patricia McAllister
Walnut Spice Cookies by Isabo Kelly


Brandy Eggnog by Dellani Oakes
Ginger Snap Martini by Stephanie Johnson
Hogmanay by Stella Whitelaw
Holly Berry by Stella Whitelaw
Hot Apple Cider by Kemberlee Shortland
Hot Butterscotch Chocolate by Christy Nicholas
Hot Chocolate Mix by Dellani Oakes
Mulled Cranberry Juice by Lynette Willows
Peppermint Martini by Stephanie Johnson
SnowFall (not Snowball) by Stella Whitelaw
The Manchester by C. Margery Kempe
The Swan Prince by C. Margery Kempe

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December 7
Tirgearr Publishing
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TFDrifterJJRX ,

Sweet Dreams, err Torture . . . .

👽😈🛸📚✅ 5 stars ✨

JUST DESSERTS by the authors and staff at
Tirgearr Publishing

Started: 4 December 2018.
Finished: 5 December 2018.
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Sweet Dreams, err torture . . . .

All recipes are posted in North American standard measurements. Some of the recipes are from the United Kingdom and have the old UK measurements in brackets for those who prefer them. The authors are from all around the world and thankfully you can t gain weight by reading these scrumptious recipes.

In any case, they take care of the false notion that the fake butter (margarine) should be used in cooking (as stated here):

“(in WI, using margarine in cooking is a mortal sin, even for pagans!)”

Anyone who would cook using sub-par products (unless absolutely necessary because of economic issues), shouldn t call themselves a “cook”, (IMO). Economic issues that would be the only exception and we ve all been there. If you haven t, buy a lottery ticket and count your fortunes!

In this book -even though they divided it into two parts: desserts and drinks- covers far more than can be counted on your two hands.

Thank the Gods, I can t gain weight or end up in a diabetic coma just for reading these recipes!

Live life,
John Shrek Walters

Southern crazy nut ,

Love it

Its great. Everything taste great. Easy to follow.

Ok 😎😎😎😎😎😎 ,


So awesome!