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TOM, AGE ELEVEN, AND HIS SISTER, JULIE, AGE NINE are spending the summer with their grandfather on the shores of Cape Cod. When he himself was a child, Grandpa bonded deeply with his native land and waters, and is fascinated by the concept of Earth as a living organism. He proposes that the three of them spend the summer finding out—through direct outdoor experience and the vast resources of the Web—what makes our planet “just right” as a home for living things. That is, when they’re not boogie boarding the waves, going sailing, or digging clams for dinner!

AFTER A QUICK VOYAGE INTO SPACE to get the really long view of Earth, the trio makes a plan. Tom decides to become an expert on our atmosphere, calling himself Gas Guy. Julie, who loves everything watery, dubs herself Water Woman and sets out to learn as much as she can about the oceans. Grandpa takes the land, Earth’s crust, as his specialty. They learn firsthand how natural processes work by observing whales feeding, sea water carving deltas on a falling tide, the myriad kinds of rocks on a beach, and wind filling a boat’s sails; they gain deeper understanding in their explorations online. 

WEAVING VIDEO, STILL PHOTOS, INFOGRAPHICS, AND MAPS into this narrative, Just Right gives nine-to-twelve-year-olds a basic understanding of how Earth’s 

vital organs—atmosphere, oceans, and land—interact to support life and stabilize the climate, as seen from the 

perspective of children their own age. Around the globe, awareness is rising that all life is at risk from human-caused climate disruption—and the world citizens who will finally mobilize to address it are today’s children. This e-book, with its engaging story line, is a powerful tool designed to help educate and equip them for the 

challenge, and an excellent resource to middle-level earth science curricula.

Science & Nature
September 14
Eelman’s Point Press
Moncrieff Cochran

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dtbc2007 ,

This was the best book I have ever read

I am an 11 year old girl.Currently I am using my Mom’s phone. My friends and many of my family members love reading books. I also tried to read books many times , but I always lost interest in the book whenever I tried to read it. No matter how good and interesting the book is , I could never get myself into it. I gave a hundred tries but it doesn’t work. So I was worried that I will be weak at creative writing in higher classes. I tried to read books in i-books and downloaded this book of climate science because I am really interested in Science. I want to be a software developer when I get older. So I wanted to do really good in studies. I secured first position in my exams this year, but I still wasn’t confident enough about myself.I started reading this book a few months ago. And wow! This book turned out to be so great for some reason that I finished the entire book with a lot of excitement . I have never in my life read any book with so much interest in it . I really got myself into this book. I was lost in the story while reading. Thanks to this book and its author for inspiring me to read more books. I really loved it. This was the first book that I finished with so much eagerness.

Carsten wilson ,

Loved it I learned so much