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Powerful white men got a taste of chocolate flesh, and now they're never going back.

Bigfoot's African Queen (A Black Girl's Monster): Michonne is the weird one in her group of friends. She's always preferred studying to boys, and now that they've all graduated from high school she's even more isolated.

When Alice offers to let them all go camping on her father's land in Interlochen, Michigan, they all jump at the chance. What Michonne doesn't know is that the other three invited their boyfriends.

Frustrated and alone, she spends the first night reading about strange ghost stories and monsters from around Michigan. When she hears a strange sound, though, she freaks out and tries to convince her friends to leave.

Bigfoot finds her, though, and he steals her away from her friends. Will his desires win, or will Michonne escape from him?

Dark Obsession (Thick, Black, and Seduced by a Billionaire): Could a mysterious billionaire be the answer to her problems... or cause more of them?

Octavia attracts a certain kind of man. Specifically, white scumbag jerks that cheated on their wives or can barely hold down a job.

That is, until a man saves her not only from a bad date... he saves her life! He's sexy, smart, and makes her feel beautiful. But is he worth the danger?

She's threatened with a gun and left scared for her life. Will Bradley be able to keep her safe and win her over?

He Wants a Thick Girl (The Russian Billionaire's Black Princess): All Andrea wants is to be loved for who she is, not in spite of how she looks. Some extra curves on her body have made finding love nearly impossible, though.

It almost seems like a Cinderella story when a handsome, foreign white man comes to America in search of a wife.

Of course, Andrea doesn't bother going to one of his parties. Why would a billionaire want a chubby dark-skinned girl?

A surprise guest at her door, however, turns a boring night into a modern day romantic fairy tale... with some naughty bits thrown in!

Fiction & Literature
September 29
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