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Parents are often perplexed by their children's typical behaviors and inevitable questions. This down-to-earth guide provides "Tips and Scripts" for handling everything from sibling rivalry and the food wars to questions about death, divorce, sex, and "whyyyy?" Betsy Brown Braun blends humor with her expertise as a child development specialist, popular parent educator, and mother of triplets. Whatever your dilemma or child's question—from "How did the baby get in your tummy?" to "What does 'dead' mean?" to "It's not fair!"—Betsy offers the tools and confidence you need to explain the world to your growing child.

March 17
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PickyPositiveReader ,

Parenting Manual Found :)

Short opinion: If you've ever longed for a parenting manual, this one comes pretty close to being it (for toddlers at least)! Wise, balanced, calm and with immediately applicable tips and tools that, in my experience, yielded quick results! It is clearly grounded on a solid philosophy of child communication and discipline...but this book does not expound on the theory as much as empower the parent with tools to make the theory work for them and their kids.

I stumbled upon the title of this book in a New Yorker article on books about parenting. The article was long but this book was named as one of the few that help to discipline children and also empower them to make their own decisions, develop a calibrated moral compass, cope. I didn't buy any of the books until a few weeks ago due to a few developments in my home: my 4 year old didn't seem to be sharing stories about her day and my 1 year old seemed to be getting jealous of his older sibling. By the first chapter, I had gotten my 4 year old opening up with specifics about her day: just from one little tip! I've been able to handle their fights, minimize fights with ME over daily to-do's, and I feel so much more empowered myself about communicating difficult topics to my kids.

This book is excellent. It's immediately and effectively usable. It also provides you with concrete methods to handle and communicate more difficult topics that you know will come (e.g. sex and death) and that you hope will never come (e.g. divorce, emergencies, sickness). It's uplifting, practical, and empowering. I highly recommend it to any parent of toddlers (and LOTS of the tools can be applied in other areas of one's life, too!).

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