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"Our society needs more entertaining novels that bring to life the importance of a responsible and independent press, an accountable government, and the rule of law. Gen LaGreca's Just the Truth does just that. This book isn't only for those who care about modern threats to our country's founding principles, but for anyone looking for a great political thriller." CARRIE LUKAS, President, Independent Women's Forum

"An inherently engaging and impressively presented novel . . . Just the Truth is especially and unreservedly recommended for community and academic libraries' Contemporary Literary Fiction collections. Deserving of the widest readership possible." MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"[W]e must wonder what crystal ball LaGreca consulted while writing her novel. The plot and themes of Just the Truth could not be more pertinent to … our current unrest. … [W]e need more real-life Laura Taningers to find the truth wherever it hides and to keep the spotlight of that truth shining brightly on those out to destroy our culture, our country, and our liberty." THE EPOCH TIMES

Just the Truth is a political murder mystery that captures one of today’s most pivotal issues: What is happening to truth in journalism? Are we in danger of losing it? Without mentioning any actual political parties, persons, or events, this nonpartisan drama resonates with everyone concerned about protecting our foundational freedoms.

Just the Truth is the story of Laura Taninger, president of Taninger News, the organization started by her grandfather, firebrand newspaper mogul Julius Taninger (JT). "Find the truth, wherever it hides" was JT’s slogan in the mid-20th century. Then, politicians feared his scathing editorials. Now, 70 years later, with JT deceased and his four heirs running the company, have the tables turned? In modern-day America, does the press—and the broader business community—still have the freedom to criticize public officials, or do those officials have the power to silence their opponents? How should those under attack respond? These questions rock the Taningers’ corporate empire and pit family members against one another.

The signature program of President Ken Martin’s administration, SafeVote, puts control of national elections in the hands of the federal government, rather than letting the states manage the voting in their own jurisdictions. SafeVote is scheduled to launch with the upcoming presidential election in which Martin hopes to win a second term. When Laura suspects foul play, she is faced with the crushing retaliation of her political enemies and their media supporters against her and her family.

"Fox…" James Spenser whispers as he lay dying in Laura’s arms. James Spenser, who was Laura’s source within the administration, had vital information for her but was gunned down before he could reveal it. She cannot let Spenser die in vain.

As Laura gets closer to unraveling the meaning of Spenser’s dying word and the anomalies surrounding the new voting system, she realizes that the facts point to shocking revelations about the man whose memory haunts her, the man who was her greatest business competitor and her most passionate lover—until he betrayed her and the ideals they shared. With Election Day looming and the country at a crossroads, and with intense pressure from her family to give up her investigation, Laura is determined to pursue the truth wherever it leads.

Author Gen LaGreca’s 3 prior novels won 12 book awards. A lifelong passion for ideas and a variety of life experiences bring vibrant characters, urgent issues, and thematic depth to her fiction.

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June 1
Gen LaGreca
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