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Sometimes the one you want is the one you least suspect...Accountant Samantha Ennis craves order and structure. As the bookkeeper at the boutique advertising agency she owns with her three best friends, it’s her job to apply logic to the chaos. When one of those best friends, laid back Hunter Blair, moves in to share her loft apartment, Sam’s carefully organized world is thrown wildly askew. Hunter Blair’s been the coolest one in the room since elementary school. Until recently, her biggest worry in the world was which of the girls in her cell phone to call on a Saturday night. But it’s not long before Samantha sparks a fire in Hunter that has her questioning her old habits and longing for new ones. Isn’t it a bad idea to fall for one of your best friends? Samantha and Hunter are about to find out. 

April 20
Bold Strokes Books
Bold Strokes Books Inc

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Tammygunn26 ,

Read it!

One of the best modern lesbian romance novels out there.

micaltaz ,

Three Very Important Words

Good book, love that she continued w/the same intertwined characters....

awog ,

What to say?

This book is about how friends Samantha Ennis and Hunter Blair find true love in each other. Theirs is a bit of a trick road, since they own a company together, with two mutual friends from college. Is it possible to make that leap from friends to lovers without all the drama and problems?

Sam has been hurt before - and recently. She in fact, runs in to her ex-girlfriend and her new love all the time it seems. Hunter has covered for her and helped make it less awkward. She does not want anyone to help her out of pity though.

Hunter usually plays the field and thinks settling down with just one person is a waste of valuable time. She never sleeps with anyone overnight. She always goes home afterward. What if you sleep with someone you live with?

Samantha is not sure what to say or how to react. Others whom they work with have told her that to continue this affair would maybe break up their business. Sam is just not able to shut off those feelings of attraction for Hunter.

Hunter, in a weak moment tells Sam how much she has always been attracted to her. Even when they were back in college, she wanted to ask her out. Now she cannot keep her hands off Sam and is making everything else complicated. Then she has to go home with a family emergency and she sees things in a new light.

These are very strong characters. I enjoyed reading their story and was simply thrilled to find out it goes to a series. This book is fine as a standalone but if you want to know more about the Soho Loft series, it is available most everywhere.

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