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It’s been years since Milena Reinhardt has seen TJ “Rock” Rockwell. The last time, he was nearly a shell of a man…but he was her man…and he tore her heart out of her chest. Circumstances unbeknownst to TJ have ensured Milena’s never fully recovered.

TJ left his sniper days behind—for the most part—when he left the Army and become a respected Texas Highway Patrolman. He also left behind Milena. He’s convinced it was the right thing to do at the time, but that doesn’t mean he’s ever forgotten the woman who loved him in his greatest time of need…or has stopped thinking of her since.

Neither thought they’d see each other again, until a pedophile’s operation is taken down and the evil man sets his vengeful sights on Milena. This could be their second chance, even though TJ and Milena have enough secrets and trust issues to end any relationship before it starts. But when the bad guy closes in, they’ll have to set aside their fears and trust in each other, to save the one thing that means the world to them both. 

** Justice for Milena is the 10th book in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

** TJ and Milena face a truly nasty foe. While his sins are never described on the page, certain basic information is included for the characters to grasp the full breadth of the villain’s evilness. For my more delicate readers, please remember…good always triumphs over evil.

March 13
Stoker Aces Production
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz ,

Quite the Read

TJ “Rock” Rockwell is a former sniper, now a Highway Patrolman. He left the military behind and also the one woman he’s ever loved for her own good. Imagine his surprise when an assignment he’s part of brings her into his path three years later.
Milena Reinhardt works as a nurse helping the teen mothers at an orphanage/school. Things at the school seem “off” but she doesn’t realize just how off until the place is raided. Then things take an even stranger turn when she sees the man who broke her heart by leaving in the middle of the night years ago without a word.
Twists and turns, some seriously scary and sick men, and a reunion between two intensely attuned former lovers are just the beginning. Wow!

Kittythief ,

Loved it

Wow! What a great read. There was a rollercoaster of emotion as we finally get TJ's story. Milena is no pushover, but she can't help rekindling her love for the man that broke her heart once. I might've fallen for him myself in chapters 11 and 12.
The villain, wow, he was a nasty piece of work. That's putting it mildly too. Couldn't help but want that he gets his comeuppance. We never get the full extent of how bad he is- just broad strokes to paint an ugly picture.

Just an overall fantastic read that will leave you wanting more, while twisting and twirling your emotions all over the place.

Rtbbenson ,

Another great read!!

Susan Stoker wrote such a great book with this one! Erin Mallon did an awesome job narrating the story, and she was spot on the entire time. It is so easy with her narration, to not get lost while reading.
This is TJ’s (the highway patrol officers) story. In the story, TJ was medically discharged from the army after a mission went wrong. he came home with a chip on his shoulder and his thinking all messed up. he made a decision and had to deal with that decision. now a few years later, he accidentally sees her again. she’s the woman who has held and still holds his heart. she has a secret though. she has a huge secret! she also has a job with some very bad guys (unbeknownst to her).
Can TJ handle her secret?
Can he forgive her secret??
Can he save her when her bosses find out???

This is a great read!!!

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