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A renowned Harvard professor's brilliant, sweeping, inspiring account of the role of justice in our society--and of the moral dilemmas we face as citizens

What are our obligations to others as people in a free society? Should government tax the rich to help the poor? Is the free market fair? Is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth? Is killing sometimes morally required? Is it possible, or desirable, to legislate morality? Do individual rights and the common good conflict?

Michael J. Sandel's "Justice" course is one of the most popular and influential at Harvard. Up to a thousand students pack the campus theater to hear Sandel relate the big questions of political philosophy to the most vexing issues of the day, and this fall, public television will air a series based on the course. Justice offers readers the same exhilarating journey that captivates Harvard students. This book is a searching, lyrical exploration of the meaning of justice, one that invites readers of all political persuasions to consider familiar controversies in fresh and illuminating ways. Affirmative action, same-sex marriage, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, national service, patriotism and dissent, the moral limits of markets—Sandel dramatizes the challenge of thinking through these con?icts, and shows how a surer grasp of philosophy can help us make sense of politics, morality, and our own convictions as well. Justice is lively, thought-provoking, and wise—an essential new addition to the small shelf of books that speak convincingly to the hard questions of our civic life.

September 15
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Customer Reviews

GD Mac ,

Well done Mr Sandel!

I know understand why Mr Sandel commands the most sough after class at Harvard University. He directly challenges and confronts the hard questions with great intellectual insight.

RJW021 ,

The first half is good

But in just about every chapter the second half of the chapter is the first half in different words.

Johnny Garlic ,

Great start, loses steam

I've enjoyed watching Mr Sandel's Harvard lectures on iUniversity. This book attempts to sum up his Harvard justice course. The first half of the book is very engaging and the language is very intriguing and conducive to self analysis. The second part though is slow and dry and was difficult to finish. I'm still glad I read it though. Good read with a lot of thought provoking questions justice and great anecdotes in the first part

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