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Justin Bieber is the world's hottest new pop star and every music fan's favorite heartthrob! After being discovered on YouTube, Justin's singles have taken the music world by storm! Since then his career has continued to heat up with an appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and features on the covers of People and Billboard. Fans around the world can't get enough of him, and this book will answer all of their burning questions, including:

--What was Justin's childhood like growing up with a single mother?
--How has his life changed since becoming a pop superstar?
--What are the latest details on his next album?
--How did he teach himself to play so many instruments?
--Who are some of Justin's celebrity crushes?
--What are Justin's possible plans for the future?
--And much more!

With 16 pages of full-color photos, details of his wild 16th birthday party, his early dating experiences and crushes, and info on his hit singles, this biography is a must-have for every fan and the perfect gift! Get to know the real Justin Bieber, as never before!

Young Adult
August 17
St. Martin's Press
Grades 4-7

Customer Reviews

JBieberCrazy ,

My take

Like lots of teens, i do think Justin has talent, unlike some older pop stars like miley cyrus and jesse mccartney. I think he really does have a great voice and catchy, lovable songs. But, i also think that its just amazing how one teen boy "heartthrob" can just show up on the scene and steal every teenage girl's heart away from another teen boy pop star. These girls just hop from obsession to obsession like its nothing. When they love one boy, they claim to know everything about him, and they well may, but only superficial details. They cannot possibly know his personality or who he is as a person. And even sadder, these girls' lives revolve around him! The hysteria, crying, shrieking...its insane! Girls camping out for days just to catch a glimpse of him? Wow...u have absolutley no life and truth be told, i feel honestly bad for you. Yes music is awesome and yes Justin has some awesome music, but don't let ur life hang on him! He might be a super nice guy but the harsh reality is that u dont know him and u never will. I used to be just like you but i realized it was rediculous. I respect ppls music and i have faves but i do not go over the edge and obsessed. Just some of my advice. Thanks for reading.

Danie Ruiz ,

Stupid haters

Ok whoever is a hater why would you even comment on jb books dont you hate him? Becuase when you comment on the books that are written about him it seems like you are actually a bielber . And sure to some of you he may seem like a bad singer and a stuck up brat but he is an insparation to people around the world . I want to be a singer one day and hope that i will be like him. And the haters out there who comment on justin if you hate him so much why dont you just steer clear of him? Im sure all that hatred will be gone after a while . And please get your facts write of you want to write about his songs becuase he writes every single one of them . The other names are just people that helped produce them. And he is one of the sweetest most kindest guys in the world . You are just angry cuase he is dating selena gomez and is loved by millions of people and actually has a life . I love you justin no matter what they say! <3 jb<3

bcj123 ,

Justin bieber is awesome

Awesome Justin bieber rocks

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