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From R. Barri Flowers, award-winning writer and bestselling author of the Leila Kahana Maui Mysteries and Eddie Naku Maui Mysteries books, comes the popular guilty pleasure Kaanapali Beach novelette series now combined for the first time as a contemporary novel, Kaanapali Beach Paradise.

Set amidst the lush playground of Maui, Hawaii’s famed Kaanapali Beach Resort, the soap opera style tale of adultery, ambition, dark secrets, love, lust, hate, romance, betrayal, revenge, and murder, revolve around the anticipated grand opening of Kaanapali Palms Hotel, the latest luxury accommodation on this three mile-long ocean front stretch of paradise on the island’s western shore.

Multimillionaire real estate investor and CEO of Kaanapali Palms, Ben Crawford, is not above getting in bed with organized crime to make his dream come true. A widower, his 19-year old daughter, Leigh, means everything to him. Forgotten is the child he abandoned long ago, never imagining this would come back to haunt him.

Leigh Crawford is gorgeous, spoiled, precocious, and primarily looking to have fun at her daddy’s new luxury hotel. After meeting super-hot Hawaiian chauffeur, Masami, things get steamy in a hurry. Will they crash land or could there actually be a future between them?

Yoshiko Pelayo is a stunning Hawaiian journalist, who has taken an undercover job in housekeeping at the Kaanapali Palms, while plotting vengeance against the father she never knew in Ben Crawford, whom she blames for her mother’s death and her own abandonment.

Stewart McGann is a police detective from Portland, Oregon, who retired after getting hurt on the job. He is brought to Maui to head the security at Kaanapali Palms. The offer is made easier by his attraction to housekeeper, Yoshiko, even if he senses there is more to her than meets the eye.

Eugene Keebler is a janitor at the Kaanapali Palms and smalltime hood. He sees the grand opening as a golden opportunity to rob the place, with the help of crooked friends.

Kalani and Rosita Okamura own the fabulous Shoreline Lounge in Kaanapali, while hiding secrets of adultery from one another and more.

Genevieve Roswell, an aspiring musician, fled San Francisco after testifying against her drug dealing boyfriend, ending up on Maui. Now her past is about to catch up to her.

Donnie Ortega has a job to do, make sure the one who helped put his homey away gets what is coming to her. And he fully intends to complete the task, whatever it takes.

Kaanapali Beach Paradise promises to keep readers engaged as lives and loves are turned upside down with intriguing twists at every turn and a shocking conclusion amidst the grandeur of a world-famous Hawaiian beach resort.

Bonus material includes a complete suspense thriller novella, Killer Connection, and excerpts from R. Barri Flowers’ bestselling Hawaii crime novels, Murder in Maui, Dead in Pukalani, Murder in Honolulu, and Kauai Killer.

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February 8
R. Barri Flowers
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