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Bristol Newton has spent the past couple of years doing her best to keep her distance from Kaden and Keegan Walker. Up to this point, avoiding the sexy twins hasn’t been as easy as she hoped it would be. Thankfully, she has a plan: sign them up for the Fall Festival’s auction and let some lucky lady win a date with them. After all, it’s for a good cause. Plus, it ensures she doesn’t get pulled under their spell.

She should’ve known even that wouldn’t be easy. When Kaden and Keegan have questions, Bristol reluctantly agrees to dinner to explain the details. That was her first mistake. The second resulted in the hottest night of her entire life with the two sexiest men she’d ever met. 

A night that would change all their lives in ways they never expected.

October 20
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

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Wow!! What a Story!!!

4.5 stars is my true rating for this one. I have to admit to not being a big fan of Keegan and Kaden being with Bristol, but Nicole Edwards and the masterful way in which she crafts such unconventional stories made me believe in Kaden and Keegan's love for Bristol and hers for them, and had me rooting for them in the end. While reading, I kept thinking, since these guys are identical twins that they were going to eventually change their minds like Brendan and Braydon did, and end up with different women, but no, Kaden and Keegan were determined to get their happily ever after with just one woman for the two of them, and they found the perfect woman in Bristol. And let me just say, these two identical twins are about as different as they come, so it was definitely going to take some woman to be able to be with them both, and Bristol really did end up being that woman.

Kaden and Keegan took me on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride filled with laughter, shouts of joy, and "will you three get it together already if you are going to do this?!!" 😂 And to top it off, I didn't just get Keegan, Kaden and Bristol's story, I got Travis, Kylie and Gage's as well. My heart truly hurt for them during their struggle. Seeing the toll and the aftermath of what happened to their family, but most esp. Travis, who was trying to fight to find his way emotionally back to his family, really pulled on my heartstrings. And yeah, to get their true back story regarding Travis' struggle, you need to read the Brantley Walker: Off the Books series. It is excellent as well.

Kaden and Keegan is an excellent addition to the Walkers of Coyote Ridge series, and to the Walker family stories overall. If you are looking for a book that builds up a slow burn, but at the at the same time has characters with chemistry jumping off the pages between them then Kaden and Keegan of the Walkers of Coyote Ridge series is just right for you. You will laugh and root for these characters to all find their HEA. And I honestly cannot say it enough, it is not until I read a Walker family member's book that I realize just how much I miss and love the Walker family. Bravo, Nicole Edwards, on yet another wonderfully engrossing book.

This again ,

A ranch, one woman, and living in Coyote Ridge…

When they were sixteen, twins Kaden and Keegan dreamed of owning a ranch in Coyote Ridge and sharing their lives with one woman. Two decades later, both dreams seem to be out of their reach. While Kaden is confident that Bristol is the one woman for them, Keegan has lost faith in finding a woman who can accept being with, and loving equally, two men. Bristol finds the twins attractive, even fantasizes about them, but, as the owner of the local day-care center, she is overly concerned with the hit her reputation would take if she is seen dating two men… at the same time.
At first glance, Keegan is the outgoing bad boy who is good for a laugh (and an orgasm) while Kaden is the level-headed, financially stable one that women want to marry. But both men have more depth than these first impressions imply and it’s fun to see the layers peeled back and discover new reasons to fall in love with them. Bristol spends most of the book fighting her attraction to the twins and worrying about how others will judge her if she succumbs to her desires. One of her best friends, Rex, describes her as having a wild streak; a girl with an attitude who didn’t take sh— from anyone. My complaint for the book is that we didn’t see that side of Bristol until the end and the change happened too quickly (for me).
Of course, Nicole’s books are steamy, erotic, happily-ever-after and this book doesn’t disappoint. One thing I like about Nicole’s books is I feel the couples, or threesomes, force me to reevaluate my opinions on love. Before reading this book, I anticipated a lot of explanation about why the twins were intent on sharing one woman. But Nicole doesn’t spend paragraphs trying to justify the twin’s actions and simply explains that “Most people wouldn’t understand their desire to share a woman between them, but that was the only thing they’d ever wanted. Sometimes Kaden couldn’t wrap his head around how it had come to be, but he’d long ago stopped trying to figure it out.” Before this book’s release, I wondered how I’d feel about brothers sharing one woman. Nicole teaches me once again to just go with it. Love is love. You'll be rooting for these three to work it out.
Although this story builds slowly, I recommend it. This is not the typical story where the heroine is in danger, is rescued, and falls into the arms of the men who keep her safe. Instead, it’s the realities of life where Bristol worries what would happen to her business if the residents of her small town knew she longed to be with twins. Is it worth dealing with the judgment of others so she can make Kaden’s and Keegan’s dreams come true? Oh, and it’s certainly a plus to read about being sandwiched between hot, twin cowboys. The fictional town of Coyote Ridge is located about 20 miles from my home and if it were real, I'd hang out at Moonshiners every Friday night just to enjoy the eye candy.
Bonus: there’s a side plot about how Travis, Gage, and Kylie are dealing with the aftermath of their daughter’s abduction. If you are not familiar with this story, Kate is kidnapped and the hunt for her, and her abductor, is told in All In (Off the Books series). We get to see how Travis struggles to deal with his fear and frustration of knowing Kate’s kidnapper is still loose in the world and posing a threat to his family.

Friday app ,

Emotional read!

Kaden and Keegan...what a pair! This book has everything I was looking for...humor, angst, and a love that is blinding at times. I have been anxiously awaiting this pair since they were introduced in a previous novel. And i was not disappointed in the least. If you are looking for a book with a storyline that has two cowboys looking for love to share, then you have come to the right place. Nicole Edwards is a fabulous writer that pulls you into the story she is telling you. You will feel like you know everything about these two amazing cowboys when you reach the end. I also love that we get to see some of our favorite characters from previous books in this one as well. Nicole Edwards has a way of intertwining her storylines so that you are able to see other characters continue to grow. Kaden and Keegan were a set of twins who like to share everything. And in a good way! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for two real men with grit and emotions like every man should have. Such a great read!!!!!

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