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Shy Kalima's entire world is transformed when, on an archaeological dig in India, she's possessed by the spirit of the Indian goddess, Kali. Now she's sexy, horny, and incredibly powerful. Can she control herself? Friends become lovers; enemies fall. All are subject to the whims of "Kali's Deadly Kiss"!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

~Take off your shirt, child.~

The smelly flannel fell to the floor, followed by the grubby tank-top. Once white, it was now a dingy gray, victim of too much sweat and dust.

~Your breasts. Yes. We must do something about those.~

Maybe she was growing used to it. Or maybe her body was adjusting. Or maybe her brain had simply reached sensory overload, one more impossibility placed on top of a tottering heap. But this time, the pain wasn’t as great, not the scalding agony she had just endured. Instead, it was a hot glow, deep in her chest.

Kalima watched, entranced, as her breasts changed. Slowly, but inevitably, they filled, brown skin enlarging, her small a-cups growing large and gravid. Warm, heavy, and round. But still human, still flesh, still real. Not a mass of silicone, bolted onto her chest with all the warmth of a scalpel, but womanly, fertile, a pair of ripe mounds to entice and seduce any man with the courage to approach her.

“Oh, gods.” She reached up, cupping them in her palms, and lifted them, delighting at their firm weight. A finger reached up, tickled the tip. It tightened immediately, drawing up into a bud the size of a blackberry, and a bolt of pleasure lanced straight to her loins.

Almost absently, she loosened her grip on one breast with her hand, and slid her fingers down. Down past her belly, now flat and firm. Down past the swelling mound of her pubis, tingling with desire. Down through a black, silky patch of hair which crowned her cleft. Down until she felt the steamy, slick lips of her cleft, wet with long-denied passion, and could touch her center with one shaking finger.

Ah! Her legs trembled as she fingered herself, her free hand squeezing her breast in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Heat boiled deep inside her, and she bit her lip. It wouldn’t take long…


No? She whined, deep in her throat. “But I want it, Kali. I’m so horny.”

Fond amusement colored the goddess’ voice. ~Why do it yourself when you can have a man?~

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July 23
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