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Learn how to read and write Japanese the fun and easy way — with Kanji de Manga! Manga University's award-winning series uses original comic artwork to teach readers how to identify and write the most common Japanese kanji ideographs. Volume 1 introduces 80 of the most common kanji, including those for numbers, days of the week, directions, relatives and sizes. Each page features its own comic strip, kanji pronunciation guide, stroke order, and English explanations.

Comics & Graphic Novels
December 1
Japanime Co. Ltd.
Gregory Glenn Kardy

Customer Reviews

Razormike ,

A sample should be a sample

To Mr. Kardy or whoever decided an appropriate sample for the books in this series is a cover page and link to buy the book without providing any clue as to content or quality.
I am intrigued by the concept here, but unless I have an opportunity to assay what I am buying I will pass.

I see no ratings and it looks like this is the first review. That ought to tell you something. If you want to sell these let us see a few actual pages.
It won't let me post this without rating so I am going to give 3 stars which may be less or more than deserved.



Thank you for your interest in our books. Unfortunately, the way Apple formats graphic novels for the iBookstore reduces the sample to just the cover image. We do provide Apple with full samples of each of our books (usually 25 percent of the full book). Until Apple fixes the sample formatting, though, our hands are tied. If you want to see additional pages, please visit the Manga University website.

Matthew Reeves ,

To add my 2 cents

Thought I would rest anyone's worries aside. This book is great. I am very happy with my recent purchase. The ebook edition was handled well and everything is easy to read and in excellent quality. Anyone who wishes to learn Japanese Kanji would do themselves well to buy this.

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