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Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits is not your ‘traditional’ cookbook! It is an art book based on the 3D pop-up book of the same name, filled with the wondrous cakes and desserts of home baking sweetheart, Katherine Sabbath. Comprehensive recipes will allow you to recreate all of Katherine’s most iconic and well loved cakes and recipes. The story alongside every marvellous creation featured reveals the inspiration behind each one.

“Whether an experienced baker, home baking enthusiast or lover of paper engineering, I sincerely hope this pop-up cake cookbook inspires your creativity and helps you to bake someone happy”.  Katherine Sabbath, 2017.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine
October 29
Katherine Sabbath
Katherine Sapparth

Customer Reviews

whiteheadmolly ,

Kathryn Sabbath

She is absolutely amazing!! Missed the pop up book but got a digital copy and it is beautiful

MzSweetcakes86 ,

A tad disappointed...

I was expecting much more with this book, visually that is . I remember when the funding project started for this book and I considered contributing so I could get a physical copy , glad I didn’t . There could have been more pictures that visually
showed the process of making these treats , how they look when they are cut, midway when you are putting them together for decorations , seeing batter consistencies etc .I didn’t expect that for every recipe but a few would have made decorating them easier and made me feel like she was showing me how to do this instead of me reading it myself and trying to figure it out . There are a lot of recipes that I am excited to try out , so that’s a plus .

Pasanara ,

Me encanto ..... me falto

Divino, me hizo falta la receta de red velvet con cheese cake en medio lo demás
Amo. A kattttt sabbath 😊