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What do you do if your old boyfriend from high school has suddenly struck it rich? If you're a girl like Katie, you send him a message. You talk about the good old times when you were the most popular girl in school and he counted himself as lucky to spend just a few minutes with you. And when he remembers just how much he cared about you, you ask him out. You grovel, and you make it clear that breaking up was the worst mistake you ever made.

Now that she has reconnected with Daniel, Katie thinks she's going to be able to wrap him around her little finger. After all, it only takes a few meetings before he agrees to clear all of her student debt. Not only that, he even offers to pay off her credit cards. Katie pretends to be embarrassed, but she loves this. Finally, she's found a guy she can control. With just a flick of her hair or a smile, she can get to Daniel to do whatever she wants.

Or so she believes.

To celebrate, he offers to take her on his private jet to his private island. Mid-flight, he has her sign some paperwork. He says they're loan documents, but when she signs the contract, she effectively gives over her freedom. Yes, he will pay off all of her loans, but she gives him her power of attorney. She puts herself in his custody.

And when they land, he has very special plans for her. Katie is taken to a special surgeon who specializes in some rather extreme modifications. She is sedated. And when she wakes up, she has kitty ears, a cat tail, and a bell hanging from her neck. Katie agreed to this, so now she'll become his pet.

Now it's time to train her. Daniel teaches her how to be an obedient girl. He knows how to punish her. He also knows how to reward her with balls of yarn and orgasms. It won't be long before he has this little Katie cat eating from the palm of his hand.

Publisher's Note: This 10,000 word title contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. BDSM themes and content include: cat play, bondage, humiliation, and male domination. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

Fiction & Literature
May 18
Bound Pages Press
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