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“It’s so good to talk to you Todd. I’m going to be in town tomorrow, and it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you. I would love to get together and catch up on what’s been going on in your life. I’m staying with my folks for the summer and would love to see you again. When I left for college, I remember a little boy that was very anxious about starting high school.”
That’s great, I thought. I get to spend some quality time with my old babysitter. I knew why she didn’t have any boyfriends. She was skinny. She had crazy, flyaway, red hair, a ton of freckles, and she was, most likely, still as flat chested as an ironing board. I just can’t wait, I said to myself, sarcastically.
“That would be great, Katie. I am really looking forward to it,” I said.
Well, what the hell. She was my friend, after all, and I always had a great time with her. But that was four years ago when I was fourteen, and I wondered if she had changed much. My guess was that she would be exactly the same little Katie as she was the last time I saw her. What in the world could we possibly have in common now, I wondered. She was planning to leave early so she would be in town by 1:30, so we could have a late lunch if I were available. I told her I would like that, and she suggested Ben’s Diner, which was located across the street from our small, central park. We finished with some small talk and agreed to meet there at 1:30 the following afternoon.
I arrived at Ben’s about a half hour early and sat down with some friends. I ordered a cherry coke and picked at some of my friend’s French fries. I mentioned to them that I was meeting my old babysitter for lunch in a few minutes and that I hadn’t seen her in four years. I explained she was on her way home from college and wanted to have lunch with me. I wanted to make sure they knew that I wasn’t meeting her there for any kind of a date. It was just two old friends getting together for lunch.
It was a little after 1:30 and Katie hadn’t arrived, so I began to watch for her. At 1:43, a tall, gorgeous, redheaded woman strolled into Ben’s. I knew I hadn’t seen her around here before because if I had, I would have remembered. Her hair curved down around her breasts, which were as perfect as I had ever seen.
She was wearing a one-piece, emerald-green, knit dress that hugged her body in ways I couldn’t believe, and she appeared to be, I guessed, about six months pregnant. The dress came down to about three inches above her knees. I was looking at her from the side, and it gave me a perfect view of her long, thin legs. But the contrast of an incredibly sexy ass on one side, and the little baby bump on the other side, was almost more than I could take. The other guys at the table just stared at her and groaned.
She was stunning, and I concluded that she was probably the sexiest woman alive, even though, she was pregnant. I felt something stir below my belt. It surprised me because I had never considered a pregnant woman to be particularly sexy before, but she simply exuded sex appeal.
I sat there staring at her, wondering whom the lucky bastard was that was tapping into that when she turned and looked directly at me.
“Todd, there you are,” she said as she headed directly toward where I was sitting. My friends got up to leave, but one of them leaned down close so only I could hear him.
“Holy shit, Todd, I wish I had a babysitter that looked like that!”
I was shocked and almost speechless. I’m sure I looked a little dumbfounded as I slowly stood up.
When she got to the table, she gave me a big hug and looked up at me. “You’re still the same Todd you were when I last saw you except that you have grown so much taller. You’ve turned into quite a hunky young man."
Her perfume was intoxicating. As we embraced, I tried to get my mind wrapped around the fact that my flat chested little Katie, you know, the one without any boobs, was now pressing her gorgeous, soft breast into my chest.

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May 3
Christopher Maddox
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