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While investigating Philadelphia’s underground sex industry, reporter Katy Nicholson discovers the world of S&M. When she tells her husband, David, a former pro football player turned businessman, that she wants to try exploring some of the things she has seen with him, David hesitantly agrees to meet the woman who has been the catalyst of Katy’s recent enthusiasm.

Enter dominatrix Maria Devereaux—Mistress Mary to her friends—an elegantly European university professor who begins to instruct Katy in the methods necessary to dominate and punish David. Together, Katy and David embark on a quest to rediscover one another and learn how to navigate their new roles as dominant and submissive. After Katy takes David to Mistress Mary's dungeon and he passes the grueling and painful tests administered there, Katy begins to thrive in her dominant role. She decides that David should wear feminine underclothes and be spanked often, among other things, and their adventures soon spice up every aspect of their marriage.

But when disaster befalls Maria and her husband, the couples’ activities behind closed doors are suddenly made public, and it seems that David and Katy’s careers might not survive the experience. With the threat of public outcry and serious repercussions for their professional lives, will they need to cut all ties to kink, S&M, and all of the pleasure they have discovered?

Publisher’s Note: Katy in Control is an erotic novel that includes extensive BDSM content, spankings, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Fiction & Literature
August 26
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