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Publisher Description

The Award winning company, Food N Me®, brings you Keb and Cala Explore Sugar, What is it and Why is it so Sweet?

What the difference between the sugar in a cookie and the sugar in an apple? 

Children are often told not to eat too much sugar, yet told that their blood sugar is low when they get cranky when they are hungry - no wonder children are confused!  

This book seeks to demystify concepts and to empower children and their families with knowledge about sugar, so together they can make healthier food choices.

Whimsical characters keep children’s attention while teaching important nutrition concepts. This book reads like a picture book, entertaining while educating your child. It is rich with interaction and activities, providing not only hours of entertainment, but valuable lessons.


In this book, you will find:

60-page interactive picture book
30 entertaining animations 
15 interactive illustrations and pop-ups
6 educational games
4 interactive quizzes
Read Aloud audio
Healthy eating tips 
A simple cooking activity with recipe
Crazy Chef’s whimsical recipe guidance video
An illustrated glossary of 16 nutrition terms

Food N’ Me’s interactive Keb and Cala nutrition book series, created by nutritionists and dietitians, is part of the Food N’ Me®  family of “learning disguised as fun”. 

The sugar lesson, What is Sugar and Why is it so Sweet, has already been successfully taught to more than 70,000 elementary school children.  

Having been taught about sugar and healthy alternatives, children (and parents) have told us that they are eating more healthily.

Children have told us that they really enjoy learning about nutrition concepts and healthy eating, and parents told us they appreciate the help!

Together, we can take the complexity out of nutrition, in a fun and educational way!

Young Adult
July 8
Food N' Me
Octave Media International, LLC
Grades 2-4