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Flynn Haddox is a dead man. Literally.

As a highly trained Navy SEAL, Flynn once worked covert missions for the U.S. government, but then his life was stolen away. Killed and placed in the secretive “Lazarus” program, Flynn was brought back from the dead and turned into a super-soldier. Now he has increased strength, enhanced senses, and a few psychic bonuses that he fights hard to keep hidden from the rest of the world. He also has no memory of his past…and a new, twisting darkness seems to be growing inside of Flynn.

Cecelia Gregory escaped death once. Can she do it again?

Dr. Cecelia Gregory was supposed to help the Lazarus test subjects. They didn’t have control of their emotions after the experiment, and her job as a psychiatrist was to break through the walls that the men had created. Too late, Cecelia realized that the Lazarus subjects were far more dangerous than she could ever imagine. The men came back from the dead, but some of them came back…wrong. Now one of the subjects has a dark obsession with Cecelia. The man known as Subject Five is hunting her. And he wants her dead.

One man wants to kill her, but another just…wants her.

Flynn feels a connection to Cecelia that he can’t deny. Not some sweet, innocent attraction—a consuming lust that makes him crave her all the time. Flynn knows that his feelings aren’t normal, but protecting her is his mission now. The man hunting Cecelia is just like Flynn—all the same enhancements, all the same strengths. And no weaknesses. One big difference, though—Flynn doesn’t plan to lose Cecelia. And he’ll fight his own darkness to prove his worth to her.

October 24
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
Cindy Roussos

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

4.5 Stars!

I’m a total sucker for this series storyline. I love the idea that these soldiers are being brought back to life and becoming super solders with enhanced abilities. Each one is unique and has a special talent. It’s kind of like reading a super hero book, except these men think they are the monsters and not the hero.

The Lazarus serum has enhanced aggression along with strength and senses. For some of these men, that aggression has made them too dangerous. In others, that aggression has turned into obsession and protective instincts for their women. Now that these super soldiers have broken free from their cages, we have them battling each other and the founder of the program who wants to cage them once again.

I’m completely hooked on these very dominant Alphas that Cynthia Eden has created and can not wait for the next in the series!

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