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The sequel to Keep Calm and Kill Zombies is now available. Air Force Office of Special Investigations Major Tom Rogers and his ragtag, multi-national team have just escaped zombie-infested and civil war torn Turkey. His companions, three surviving members of a British SAS group, two Australian grad students, and Turkish Army Intelligence Captain Remzi Ozechin, are hoping for several weeks of rest and recuperation aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. They have successfully fought their way through 1,000 miles of hostile territory in order to bring samples of the binary zombie virus to the CDC. All they want is time to relax and hopefully forget the nightmares they have seen. Those hopes are dashed when the Pentagon determines that Patient Zero and more virus samples must be found. The team are ordered back to Turkey. This time they will be joined by a squad of U.S. Army Rangers, a couple CIA agents, and a bio-warfare expert. They will fly to the target city, Erzurum, in a Navy Chinook helicopter, avoiding the hordes of zombies on the ground. However, the best laid plans often go awry. A zombie outbreak aboard the aircraft carrier results in an emergency liftoff of the chopper with only part of the team and necessary supplies aboard. The on-going civil war in Turkey causes the next catastrophe. The team must now make their way on foot through hundreds of miles of constant danger. Zombies, rogue military units, armed and suspicious civilians are encountered every step of the way. They must penetrate the great cities of eastern Turkey, overrun with zombies, in order to accomplish the mission. Once in Erzurum they will have to fight their way into secure buildings, completely darkened by power outages. In the black stairwells, corridors, and rooms they will face their worst nightmares. Zombies, hungry for the living, have been waiting impatiently for weeks for their next meal. And if they successfully complete the job, there is another nasty surprise waiting. The CIA has another mission for them. One that will take them into the heart of enemy territory. The explosive ending has nukes, zombies, firefights, and one last race to the finish line. Will there be a rescue chopper waiting for them at the extraction point, or only more zombies and more death?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 21
Michael Adams
Smashwords, Inc.

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