Keep Thanking It's a Game! Keep Thanking It's a Game!

Keep Thanking It's a Game‪!‬

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If God changed me, he can change anyone, if only you let him. See, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And my life's journey proves that. I thought I was in control, but the path God took me down let me know that I (you) have to have Jesus as my (your) Lord and Savior. But that's if you want to go to heaven after this life here on earth. I lived just how I thought I wanted to live. But down the road I realized that I have a choice, even in my mess. I was not satisfied; something was missing, and the reason I knew that was because I was a backslider. I knew the difference between the two lives (saved and unsaved). It seemed like the more I lived like I wanted to live, the worse things got for me. But God. I remember that all I had was the Word of God. So I started to apply the Word of God to my everyday living. I started to seek his face. I already knew his Word, so I started to pray every day. Seeing that my prayers were being answered made me pray more and more. Then I started to believe again, and then I started to receive again. God had his hand on me the whole time I was out there. I stood on God's promises, and I still stand on them today, because God is not a man who would lie. Now I am a child of God, and I know I am a chosen one. If you let go and let God be the head of your life, he will change you too. Please believe me.

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October 10
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