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The dust appears to have settled after the brief descent of the Progressive Empaths on Sandes. But, if there is any truth to Anthony’s story, Gemma and her friends know they might soon have to face the mysterious Keepers. Myth or real threat, one thing is certain; running is no longer an option, for any of them. Can Gemma protect the ones she loves without forming an unlikely alliance?

Young Adult
December 19
Kenechi Udogu
Smashwords, Inc.

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Cherese Vines ,

Satisfying Conclusion

In the final chapter of the Mentalists series, Gemma faces her worst fear in the form of a group of Keepers who seem to know everything about her. As other foes from her past surface, Gemma struggles to stay one step ahead of them all. But when help comes from unexpected sources, can she trust any of them?

Keepers by Kenechi Udogu, the last book in the Mentalists series, throws readers into action in the first scenes. Gemma is fighting to not only save herself from becoming a weapon in a brewing war, she’s fighting to save the ones she love from becoming collateral damage. Readers will find themselves in unexpected places with characters who have their own agendas for Gemma. The book also delves into Russ’s thoughts about the world of Mentalists, and readers get to see Gemma in action from the outside.

The pacing moves pretty quickly with only a few lulls toward the middle. I would definitely recommend reading the first books in the series to be able to fully grasp the past relationships of the characters. I could have used a bit more character description to jog my memory, as it’s been a while since I read the first books. There are also some places where I had to re-read to understand who was talking. But it does not detract from the story.

With a satisfying conclusion, Keepers completes Gemma’s journey without seeming forced or tying everything up neatly. Just like in real life, there will always be more to Gemma’s story. But for now, readers will find that this chapter in Gemma’s life is wrapped up nicely.

I was provided with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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