Kentucky Green Box Set 4 to 6 Kentucky Green Box Set 4 to 6

Kentucky Green Box Set 4 to 6

Weston, Sophia, Carson.

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Publisher Description

Welcome to the small town of Elm Ridge, Kentucky, where you’ll swoon, smile, and fall helplessly in love with the Green family. Those three heartwarming romances have no cliffhangers and no cheating.


The only girl he's ever wanted is all grown up and back in town ... and he's the last guy she'd look at.

Weston Green decided he was going to marry Veronica Farmer when they were in first grade. Unfortunately, Veronica has a weakness for bad boys. A nice guy like Weston isn't even on her radar.

Back home after four years in the military, Weston learns Veronica has just come home too, fresh from her latest relationship disaster. But this time, he's not willing to stand by while another no-good man breaks her heart.

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her tough-love father, Veronica Farmer has sworn off men forever. Better to live like a nun than fall for another loser.

Weston Green is the sweetest man she's ever known. He deserves better than a hard-luck girl like Veronica. But lately, he seems to be everywhere she turns ...

Can Weston persuade Veronica to leave her past behind and take a chance on a genuine good guy?


He's got more than one kind of scar ... and she may be the only person who can heal him.

Nelson Pratt isn't sorry he saved Weston Green's life while they were both enlisted. He'd do it again, no matter how much it's cost him.

Now that he's back home, he can't help seeing Sophia, his best friend's sister. They would have been high school sweethearts except for the "bro code." She's being nice to him, but Nelson doesn't want her pity. He's no charity case.

Sophia Green isn't about to let Nelson slip away again. They're right for each other, and always have been.

In her eyes, his injury doesn't make him any less of a man. She'll do anything to prove it -- including help him fight to adopt Star, the canine partner who saved his life and is now in dire need of a new home.

Can Sophia break through Nelson's shell and convince him to reach for what he's always wanted?


She's too shy to give him the time of day ... but he's not the kind to give up.

Carson Green can't stop thinking about Julianna Walsh, the lovely author who's renting a house in town for the summer. He's tried to be friendly, but she's made it clear she wants to be left alone.

However, Carson knows what Juliana doesn't -- her temporary home is a bee magnet, and swarming season is here. Since he's the local bee expert, she'll have no choice but to ask for his help. When she does, he'll be ready to do more than carry her bees away to his apiary.

Julianna Walsh has worked hard to overcome the emotional scars her father inflicted, but meeting new people is still difficult. Especially when they're as good looking as Carson Green.

When she discovers her walls are filled with bees, she reluctantly turns to Carson. Being around him fills her with unfamiliar emotions ... feelings she scarcely dares to admit, even to herself. 

When her past intrudes once more, threatening the life she's built and her chances for a happy future, will Julianna trust Carson with her heart as well as her home? And can he protect her from the lies that try to take root in her soul?

* * *

December 9
Olivia Sands
Lady O Publishing LLC

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