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From the author of Mastered and Dominated comes the third of the Enforcers novels. Kept is the searing story of a woman who finds sanctuary in surrender...
He can’t change who he is.
A horrific childhood has made Silas the man he is today: dangerous, distrustful and demanding. He’s lived in self-imposed solitude, convinced that no woman could ever accept his need for absolute control—in business and pleasure. That is, until a young violinist walks into one of his buildings and into his life.
She can’t change what she wants.
Hayley has been struggling to fulfill her father’s dying wish: for her to attend a prestigious music school in New York City. But even working multiple jobs, she can’t afford the tiniest of apartments. Seeing her hopeless and near tears, Silas vows to help and protect her, no matter the cost to himself. But when Hayley meets his every demand with unwavering acceptance and love, he is overwhelmed by her goodness and gentle spirit. He knows that the dark stain on his soul can never be erased—and rather than risk destroying the most beautiful person he's ever experienced, he'll have to do the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Let her go. But he's totally unprepared for the lengths to which Hayley will go to fight for his love and for a future brighter than the sun...

October 25
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Ana Steele lol ,


Maya Banks is my favorite but this book had me on edge the entire time.

Cedenos ,

Another twit for a heroine!!! Ugh

I loved all of MB's earlier works. So emotional and full of fire. With Evangeline first and now Haley we are introduced to the "idiotic twit of a woman" breed. Seriously?! Is someone else writing these? I'm disappointed. Definitely no more pre-orders. I had such high hopes for Silas' storyline 😫 - this should be a library book borrow only, and then too if you can't find anything else. This series of women is just not good.

Note: the men are mostly awesome alphas 😉

Joeygirl1980 ,


Not at all what I hoped it would have lived up for. The first one was good the second not so much and this one I had hoped bc it was my favorite enforcer. But Hayley was bad. One minute she was a whiny crying baby. The next she acted like she found her big girl panties. Oh no she didn't. She's back to whining. Then He did not live up to the other books at all. Just overall not all that great story.

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