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On the precipice of change … Just not the way he’d expected …

Kerrick is tagged to join a new elite group, where he’d have more say and less rules on missions. Working mostly alone, he’s to track down a kidnapped victim suspected of being in England, and likely she’s not the only one. This is his kind of job; finding out a longtime friend is his backup makes this mission a go.

Amanda is snatched at the end of her workday while walking to her vehicle. Days later she wakes to find she’s imprisoned, alone in a small cement cell. One rotting meal a day is provided, and that is it. Once she realizes someone else is here–a young boy—she’s even more determined to escape. And to take him with her. Running into Kerrick wasn’t the plan …

Escaping is only one part of the puzzle as the truth drags them to Europe and beyond as they sort out how the two kidnappings are related, who’s behind it all and why … Before they are run aground and imprisoned all over again …

January 21
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

Slow building romance!

This is book one in The Mavericks series and we start with Kerrick and Amanda. He’s been sent to rescue kidnapped Dr. Amanda Berg, who is thought to have possibly come up with a cure for certain types of cancer. The action and suspense are fantastic. The rescue plans, escape plans and the following adventure are probably a little too detailed but still exciting. The romance is slow building in the background, which is nice for a change. This author definitely knows how to keep the action in the forefront.

I am loving this new series! The characters are fantastic and the story lines are exciting, packed with action, adventure and finally a little romance. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Terri_999 ,

Great book

Love the suspense, intrigue, and excitement!

I am very interested in reading more of this series!

777sails ,


I received a complimentary copy of this book and I also purchased a copy.

This is a great start to a new series. This is a home run. I was glued to my e-reader right from the beginning. Ms. Mayer has a gift of story-telling that completely enchants me. This story is about Kerrick. He is at a cross-roads in his life. His career in the Navy is almost over and he doesn't know what to do with his skills-set. He receives a mysterious message to meet at a bar close to the base. Kerrick is given an assignment to rescue a kidnapped scientist. The job is mysterious in the fact that Kerrick is given a burner phone and very few details. He will have to learn on the fly. In fact, it is Kerrick who names the black ops group, The Mavericks.

Dr. Amanda Berg is on the cusp of curing cancer. She is kidnapped outside of her lab in Paris, France. She is held hostage with very little food or drink. She suspects the meal is even drugged. She eats enough to keep her mind sharp so she can escape when given the opportunity. Not all into her confinement, she discovers there could be even more people there. She communicates with a young boy that is being held above her in Morse Code. The ten year old is a Mansa just like herself.

The escape and rescue of Amanda and Brandon, the ten year old, is one that had me holding my breath at times. Keeping ahead of the kidnappers while trying to discover the link between the two kidnappings is one that kept me glued to my e-reader.

I adored the dual POV format of this book. Seeing into the characters' mind really shows where the attraction between the two characters lay, at least in the beginning. Because of the suspense and intrigue there is just so much action going on that the two characters don't act upon the attraction in the beginning.

There is one sexy scene but it was written in such a manner that it should not offend anyone. That being said though, I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves intrigue and mystery with their romance.

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