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Do you have a very tight schedule, are you and/or is your family on a ketogenic diet and you don't have enough time to cook healthy food? Are you willing to go into ketosis or lose weight through healthy eating without stress and you don't know how to go about it? You don't have to bother anymore because this is the right book for you. It contains over 100 excellent low-carb, keto diet recipes which you can cook with an Air Fryer to help you attain ketosis within a short period of time while enjoying your meal.

Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that makes it simple to cook healthy meals swiftly so you can eat delicious low-carb foods. This means that it takes lesser time to put dinner on the table after a long hour/day at work

Benefits of Keto Air Fryer

Being on a keto diet and using an Air Fryer has so many benefits one can derive apart from its time-saving merits. Here are a few benefits of keto Air Fryer:

It saves cooking oil usage

It lowers the fat content in food

It reduces the high risk of heart disease and inflation because it lowers the rate of vegetable oil intake.

Migrating to an air fryer may be a simple means to reduce calories and endorse weight loss because it requires less oil.

Swapping deep foods for air fried foods helps to trim waistline

Acrylamide compound which usually leads to the development of cancer is formed during high-heat cooking methods like frying of carbohydrate-rich foods. The use of an Air fryer usually reduces the formation of such compounds.

Regularly eating fried foods has been associated with conditions such as type II diabetes and high blood pressure, air-fried foods are recommended to cut your intake of all fried foods to help prevent type II diabetes and promote better health.

It also helps to reduce the high risk of heart failure derived from eating deep fried foods always.

It reduces the greater risk of obesity

When you use this book, you stand a chance of living healthy, stay on keto; lose weight between your busy schedules, stay fit, save money and time.

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February 28
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