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Designed and written by the owner of Cavemantraining

This book is targeted to at-home kettlebell enthusiasts, MMA and BJJ fighters, and crossfitters that use their open box time for kettlebell WODs. This book is even for budding trainers who want to know more about the Cavemantraining programs, and learn the basics on how to run them.

40+ serious kettlebell workouts, 4 kettlebell challenges, many paired with very detailed videos. 

- Beginners to advanced workouts.

- How to score AMRAP workouts.

- Finer details on many of the exercises.

- Quality emphasis on warming-up and mobility.

- Full details of the popular Thorax Workout included in this book.

- Additional ideas on how to make your WODs even more popular and exciting.

- Additional little tips and information for personal trainers.

Each workout is 100% kettlebells, combined with bodyweight, or other equipment. Some workouts will have alternatives, or progressions.

“These are not shoddy quick workouts put together for a book. I've performed each and every workout listed in this book, and so have hundreds of others.”

 —Taco Fleur

This book is called Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0, so obviously this book is about those workouts and challenges. I will be linking to a lot of external information rather than turning this into a book about kettlebell exercises, and/or technique. I already have several books on those topics. This is not to say that this book does not contain technique or exercise information, but it's kept to a minimum, illustrated with many photos, while linking to more online info. The title is prefixed with 1.0 as we'll be putting out plenty more books with new workouts.


1. Information for trainers on how to run your own Caveman Circuit, and Boot Camp.

2. Downloadable workout PDF that can be printed and taken to the gym.

3. Downloadable kettlebell grip PDF that will improve your kettlebell training instantly.

4. Downloadable PDF that will improve your racking for resting and endurance.

5. Free kettlebell workouts mobile app for Android.

Health, Mind & Body
March 1
Taco Fleur

Customer Reviews

mistercamaro ,

Get ready to sweat.

Great content and easy to digest.
If you are wanting a workout that gets you results, this is definitely the one for you!!
5 stars!!

TammyLynnSlater ,

LOVE this book!

This book is my go to for all kettlebell workouts. It is well written with great explanation of the movements...and videos! I love how the workouts are different from what I was used to, challenging yet plenty of them are short enough to squeeze in on even the busiest days! Also you can easily modify according to your needs. Highly recommend getting this book!!

Jsherer74 ,

Comprehensive Fitness Manual

This is the most comprehensive Kettlebell book I’ve ever read. It is basically a textbook for kettlebells. Regardless if you’re a begginer or an advanced kettlebell athlete Taco has it covered. The routines are fantastic. I’ve had the book for a couple weeks and I’ve incorporated some of the workouts into my funcional fitness routine. I’m usually burnt by the time i’m finished. The portion of the book I find most helpful are the links to videos where I can see exactly what I’m doing and make any adjustments to form etc. My wife is having a baby soon and this book will be a cornerstone for her road back! Taco Fluer has crafted a well thought out, meticulous, comprehensive guide for anyone who is interested in kettlebells! Highly recommended buy!

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