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Inspiration meets adventure in Barry's book that chronicles the tragic death of his teenage son, Kevin, due to alcohol poisoning and his epic 1400 mile journey from Arizona to Montana with Kevin's ashes in his backpack.   With a sense of humor that is rare among parents who have lost a child, Barry's book is a combination of humor, inspiration, adventure and tragedy. Yup, his book will make you laugh, cry and inspire you to help Barry make "something very good" come from the death of his son. Every parent that reads Barry's story will hug their precious children a little tighter.      Barry wrote this book with audiences of all ages in mind.  In movie terms it is rated "G."

About the Author

Barry has shared with tens of thousands of people the dangers of binge drinking, and his experience of losing his 18 year old son, Kevin, to alcohol poisoning. The day that was supposed to mark the beginning of Kevin's adult life, turned out to be his last, and Barry's message is both a powerful inspiration and a warning about the consequences of even one night of binge drinking. Barry's compelling presentation has saved countless lives and is fulfilling his dream to "make something very good" come from his son's death. In 2007, Barry set out on an epic 1400 mile journey, and walked from Arizona to Montana with his sons ashes in his backpack. On a mission to share his story, Barry reached thousands through media coverage of the walk, and presentations at schools, churches and treatment facilities along the way. To date, Barry has shared his story with over 50,000 students and parents across the country. Barry's presentation describes in powerful detail the night his son died, the quiet Sunday morning he got that "knock on the door", and how he came up with the idea to walk from Arizona to Montana. His presentation and powerful takeaways will leave your students enthralled and asking for more, and appreciating every breath they take.

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May 1
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