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The highly anticipated conclusion of the Hell Night Series. Emo's story.

Death. Destruction. Pain. A soulless void. It's his life. It's his reality.

Emo doesn't feel. Anything. His soul is dark and filled with hatred. People in the small town of Malus watch him with fear, with reverence. Exactly the way he prefers it.

Guilt surrounds him, caging him in an ominous past he refuses to let go. Can't let go. His past is responsible for the shell of the man who now exists. He doesn't know any other way to survive.]

The woman who haunts his dreams is his only salvation. He's hurt her over and over again. He didn't have a choice.

The key he holds on to, the one he uses to carve into his flesh, is the key to his hell. It's his reminder of the pain he's suffered and inflicted.

Will there be retribution? Can Emo be saved? Or is he destined to live in this dark hell he's surrounded himself in for the rest of his life?

DISCLAIMER: Intended for readers 18 years and older do to adult language, dark and harsh situations, and sexual content.

June 27
Twisted Fiction Publishing LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ddgoldbergs ,

A. Must. Read.


From the cover to the last line, Key to Hell is a breathtakingly poignant read!

Intense mature topics, raw and soul stirring desires, and the most beautiful romance are packed into this book.

From the beginning I’ve always wondered how the heck Emo’s story could possibly be written. This man that holds secrets, and who has a dark side, surly can’t have an HEA. Well, Alex stepped up and became the master of her craft. She wrote about a broken and cautious woman that blossoms under Emo’s care. His determination to see her heal is powerful and absolutely brilliant.

All the characters from this series have appearances and I truly don’t recommend reading this book out of order. It figuratively and literally holds the Key to Hell. Will there be shocking moments? Of course! Will you fall in love with this broken man? 100%

I have no idea how Alex can think of these stories and transform them into art. The entire series can be a trigger for a reader. However, each book it’s written so tastefully and flowed throughout.

Will you love it? Yes! At times will you question your beliefs in how justice should be delivered? Most definitely. Is this the best in the series? Truthfully, I don’t think I can choose. Alex’s storytelling is that awesome!

I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend this book!

Samantha B. Sokol ,

The ending of this series was even more epic than I ever anticipated!

The ending of this series was even more epic than I ever anticipated! Within the past three books we have gotten little bits and pieces of Emo and his story, but nothing could have prepared me for this book. Emo has continued to punish himself for the events that happened to him and Rella as children, especially with Rella no longer there. But when Rella emerges and the truth of what happened to her life comes out, Emo is uncontrollable. The two continue to gravitate towards each other, even after the horror that Rella has continued to endure, but as they are made for each other they work on helping themselves and each other. As usual in the other books in this series, the brothers continue to search out the remaining people that got away from Sweet Haven, and the twist in this aspect of the storyline made me dying for a subseries or additional books. Overall, while this book (and series) aren’t your typical love story, I really enjoyed them and this book really wrapped up almost everything for these brothers as well as their storyline that really started in the first book and carried throughout all four. Kudos to Alex for the ability to keep the story going while also having each brother with his own storyline; it took the book and the series to the next level. The writing was impeccable and I can’t wait to see what comes next from Malus!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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