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Sulara channeled thirty-six messages from Teran, each a chapter of “Keys for Creating Your Life.” Originally published as a four-volume series, each chapter presents a key, or guiding principle, for living a joyful life and healing ourselves, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her. 

Awakening and the creation of the New World have arrived. The time has come for all of us upon this spiritual path to join together in community and with those legions of angels who are present, together with Teran, to create a planet based upon Love, Joy, and Peace. It is our inherent right as children of the Creator, to use our gifts of free will choice and co-creation to manifest the planet for which we long. 

Join Teran as he reminds us of these Universal Truths and the wisdom needed now as this Great Awakening is unfolding and the foundations of the New World based upon the beauty and power of Love are created. These times which have been foretold are here now. So now is the perfect moment to offer all of Teran’s principles in one volume to serve as a guide for all who are so guided to step forward to serve Humanity, Mother Earth, the Universe, and all of Creation. 

Teran landed briefly in the Earth on June 12, 1994. He opened his eyes, looked at his father with infinite love, then departed without taking a breath. Teran remained in the Earth plane as an Ambassador of Light, and later asked his mother Sulara to channel a series of books for the Indigo Children and all who wish to raise the consciousness of the Earth through the power of Love. Each chapter of the 4-volume series “Keys for Creating Your Life” contains a principle, or key, for living a joyful life and healing the planet. 

Health, Mind & Body
January 1
Shining Hand Press
Sulara James