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Do you dream of becoming a professional writer? Do you want to increase your writing productivity? Do you want to discover how to organize your writing, how to write better dialogue, or how to create realistic characters? Would you like to learn how to write short films, or do you want to know what to do with your manuscript once you have finished writing it?

On the happy occasion of the third anniversary of the Literautas’ blog, we have revised our best (and most popular!) posts and compiled them in a book where we give you the keys to motivate yourself during your writing sessions. Here is a detailed list of what you’ll find in the book:

Chapter 1 – Inspiration and Productivity: how to make the most of your inspiration and get ready to become a professional writer.

Chapter 2 – Writing Skills: the keys to improving your writing explained step by step.

Chapter 3 – Narrator and Point of View: learn about the different types of narrators in order to find which one is most appropriate for your story.

Chapter 4 – How to Write Dialogue: make the most of dialogue in order to add life to your story.

Chapter 5 – Creating Characters: from the characters’ name to their dramatic arc, learn how to create deep and realistic characters.

Chapter 6 – How to Write the Script for a Short Film: discover how to create the script for a short film beginning with the initial idea all the way through to writing the actual literary script.

In short, Keys to Becoming a Better Writer is an exhaustive writing book that will hopefully help you further improve your writing in fun and easy ways.

Professional & Technical
October 10
Iria Lopez Teijeiro

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