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Smoking Vaping Chewing Fast and Free And lose weight doing it Immediate Results By one who did it

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Much has been written about the dangers of smoking, but little attention is given to the fact that the real problem is nicotine. Nicotine addiction through vaping, smoking, chewing, or what have you is an epidemic worldwide with dozens of often fatal impacts on humans and particularly the young. Each year, countless millions of dollars are spent to kick the nicotine habit through various programs, procedures, and pills, many of which list nicotine as a primary ingredient! It is very possible to kick the nicotine habit: think of all those you know who have done it, none of whom would ever think of turning back. It is also very possible to kick nicotine at no cost; again, most people have done it that way. Most often nicotine cessation has succeeded because of small, often overlooked or unthought of techniques to “get through the moment.” Thus, the purpose of this book: to provide the preparation, the motivation, and the secret tricks that can help you become an ex-nicotine addict. Can you do it? Of course, you can. Will you? That’s up to you! You’ll find it’s not as hard as you may think it is. If you know you can, you will; if you know you can’t, you won’t. One simple word say and does it all: “yagottawanna’. Age forty-two, sixty pounds overweight, continuously coughing and sick. Tried quitting many times unsuccessfully, each time followed by weight gain. Goal: One final attempt at quitting must be successful; failure, not an option. An immediate miracle was needed before a health catastrophe. Here are the simple steps that succeeded…

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