Kidnapped by the Billionaire: The Complete Series

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Warning: This box set features over 120,000 words of WHITE HOT hate banging, dirty talk, and other assorted naughtiness

I’m not here to ask. I’m here to take what’s mine…

The first time billionaire Clay Hart fell for Harley Mason, she betrayed him. This time, it’s his turn. He’ll betray her, steal her, own her, taking his revenge one brutal kiss at a time. 

And when he’s done, he’ll show her what it feels like when the person you trust leaves you twisting in the wind.

Harley is nobody’s fool. She’ll play along with Clay’s dark, sexy games, but the first chance she gets to escape—she’s gone. An innocent life depends on her, and she learned a long time ago that her heart is safer behind lock and key.

But all too soon, the line between lovers and enemies begins to blur.

She’s his favorite mistake.

He’s the chink in her armor.

But together they might just be strong enough to defeat the darkness of the past, the men determined to destroy them, and the voices that insist monsters don’t live happily ever after.

Contains the complete “Kidnapped” series, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.

May 15
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Amazing Series

Dirty Twisted Love

We first meet Harley in Bought by the Billionaire, Hannah's twin sister. All they share is their looks, but these identical twins are by far nothing alike. Harley is a vengeful, devious, cold hearted woman set to destroy anyone who gets in her way, leaving a wake of hurt and destruction.
In Dirty Twisted Love, Harley's priorities have changed, and so has her outlook in life. She wants to protect her son from her past and those that are seeking revenge. Finally ready to cut ties from the evil in her life, she is kidnapped by her ex-lover and the father of her child, Clay. Clay the man she once loved and who made her believe that she could be good. The man she thought died that awful night so many years ago.
Clay once loved Harley with every fiber in his body and believed everything she told him. Until he found out what she was capable of and everything she did and said were lies. Lies that drove him to find her and make her pay for her wrong doings. What neither of them expected was the undeniable attraction and fire that still held for one another.
Dirty Twisted Love is intense, hot, sexy, and electrifying. Lili Valence has done a great job with this spinoff. I can't wait to see what Lili has in store for Clay and Harley!

Filthy Wicked Love

Filthy Wicked Games is the second book in the Dirty Twisted Love series. We learn about how Harley and Clay's love affair started. How Harley fell for the man that she tried to use to get her revenge but in the end found her soul mate. That was six years ago when Clay believed that Harley was good and sincere, falling madly in love with her. Six years ago when their accident claimed their future, each believing that the other died and both going on to live another life.
Six years later, Clay seeing Harley for who she really is, a liar and a manipulator. Keeping her as his prisoner, Clay stops at nothing to find out where Harley has his son. Although he is driven with hate and revenge, Clay cannot deny his attraction to Harley. After all she has done, he still wants her and craves her touch. Harley will do anything to get out from under Clay's imprisonment, even seduce him. Both not willing to give what the other wants, each fighting till the very end. That is until the realization sinks in that their son's life is in danger and they have to work together to keep him safe.
Will Clay and Harley give into their desires and rekindle the passion they once shared? Can they keep their son safe and out of harms way? Who will be the one to betray the other?
Another great book from author Lili Valente.

Crazy Beautiful Love

Crazy Beautiful Forever is the third of Lili Valente's Dirty Twisted Love series. Crazy basically sums up Harley and Clay's relationship. They have been through so much and although they hate each other they can't deny the love they have for each other. In this book Harley is once again betrayed by Clay. Clay is ready to take away the one thing that means the world to her, Jasper. However his last minute change of heart is crumbled when a bigger threat changes the game. Now Harley and Clay have to work together to bring their son home. Clay determined to make his wrong right, tries to verbally and physically convince Harley that he LOVES HER while they get closer to finding Jasper. Harley wants to believe what Clay is saying and showing is true, but she has been fooled too often to trust him. One thing both Harley and Clay do agree on is that no matter what they will get Jasper back. The closer they get to reaching Jasper, the more danger they put themselves in. The line between pretend and reality so easily smeared making it harder for them to deny their desires. Will Clay and Harley get to Jasper in time? Will there finally be a happily ever after for these two crazy beautiful lovers?
As always Lili Valente has blown me away. She never disappoints, delivering a story filled with adventure, passion, love, forgiveness, suspense and acceptance. Thank you Lili!

One More Shameless Night

I was so happy to see that Clay and Harley's story continued in One More Shameless Night. Clay and Harley have been through so much and it was nice to see them stronger than ever, in a loving marriage with their two boys. In One More Shameless Night, Clay, Harley and the boys are off to visit uncle Jackson and aunt Hannah. Hannah and Jackson have offered to babysit so Clay and Harley can attend the Midsummer celebration, and spend some alone time to rekindle the passion in their relationship. Well... it wouldn't be a Clay and Harley moment if there weren't some unexpected guests to stir up some trouble. Secrets that both Clay and Harley are also revealed, making them question each other once again. Will Clay and Harley ever be safe? Can they trust one another and stop keeping secrets? Who are the ones that want to hurt them?
Lili Valente keeps on rocking the world or eroticism with her clever words, sexy characters and hot as ever sex scenes. She never disappoints!

Man of the mountain ,

Kidnapped by the billionaire complete series

Not the complete series unfortunately was just getting good but he hadn’t even gone into the bar to Erin. I wouldn’t call this a book but a waste of my money because it was only ten pages when it was supposed to be the complete series.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Sexy, Intriguing, and Oh, So Addictive

If you're looking for some down and dirty love of the Lili Valente variety, this boxed set is just the ticket. Harley's and Clay's story is filled with suspense, intrigue, and lots and lots of steam, and this collection has every chapter in their tumultuous, tempestuous journey. Lili's signature wit, humor, and wickedly erotic take on romance is here in full force, making this one that you don't want to miss, so grab this sexy set and enjoy.

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