Kidskills Feet First: Manual One

Balance and Strengthening Feet

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Publisher Description

Behind the KidSKILLS Program~

Kidskills Feet First! Manual One builds children's abilities to coordinate movement, develop balance and agility, gain perceptual awareness and embed the mind-body connections for good learning. The Manual is media-enhanced with music and spoken instruction.

In the KidSKILLS six-part Training Series trying basic tasks leads children to fundamental movements. As simple skills build upon previous skills, the preschooler will develop I Can DO That! confidence and have FUN!

Play is the way a child naturally explores their world, builds their physical skills, links their body and brain and ignites the imagination.

These Manuals provide a logical and progressive training program and expand the children’s vocabulary through the consistent use of specific CUE words to identify body positions, qualities of movement, directions from their place in space.

Each task is illustrated with drawings or photographs. The reader will use the carefully written text to guide the child’s activity. Cue words and teaching hints are highlighted for the teacher. Audio cues and music enhances the learning experience.

Parents and caregivers will find the exercises and drills, are an easy way to guide physical activity on playground, in gymnasiums or in any safe space. You will be able to aid your child in their development of balance and posture, as they gain body control and alignment. 

Throughout the 6 volumes of the KidSKILLS Movement and Sport Training Series, emphasis is placed on the careful use of the feet. The feet build balance skills and provide the ability to leave the ground and to control all landings. These foot skills must be practiced carefully to recruit the body’s proprioception system.

Use of this Manual will place YOU into the role as the Child’s First Teacher. Yes, you will be guarding their safety but also will serve as a coach and teacher, enabling their first attempts in exploring while building a foundation for a lifetime of physical activity. 

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January 17
Kidskills International
Diane Patterson Massad