KidSlumber Bedtime Stories Volume 2 KidSlumber Bedtime Stories Volume 2
Book 2 - KidSlumber Bedtime Stories

KidSlumber Bedtime Stories Volume 2

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Publisher Description

Each KidSlumber story is purpose-written as a bedtime story and takes about 10-12 minutes to read. Each story has humor, rhyme and usually a moral.

In KidSlumber stories no person dies, no child is abandoned by its parents, and the stories are not saccharine sweet or babyish. Think Grimms’ Fairy Tales without the gore, Disney without the dark themes.

The stories are designed to encourage interaction between the child and the parent/reader, as each story contains some elements that are likely to be unfamiliar to the child, (as well as some elements to prevent the parent/reader from falling asleep).

KidSlumber stories are available in all major digital formats, downloadable straight to your mobile device/e-reader/pc. The stories are ideal for back-lit devices, as a story can be read with the lights out, making it easier for the child to become sleepy.

For children 5-10+

Contents of Volume 2

Chapter 1: Hospital Heist.
Harvey is in hospital in traction with a broken leg. Someone keeps stealing his candy. Can he catch the thief who is giving him grief?

Chapter 2: A Whale of a Time.
When Nathan's granddad takes him fishing he discovers a whale trapped in fishing gear. What a tale if he can save the whale.

Chapter 3: Sock it to me.
Looking for a missing sock, Jenny falls into a strange subterranean world inhabited by small people. Can she escape?

Chapter 4: Hair of the Dog.
Jasmine Cooper's love of chemistry gets her into trouble when she accidentally splashes a friend with a chemical that causes him to grow hair on his nose. She must find a remedy before school starts on Monday. Will this be a case of 'hair today, gone tomorrow'?

Chapter 5: Hillbilly Chili. (Double length story)
A family feud starts at the annual chili cook-off when a contestant is accused of stealing a recipe. Can young Cissy turn up the heat and beat the cheat?

Chapter 6: Paper Caper.
An evil local newspaper editor is trying to ruin the restaurant run by Stuart's dad. Can Stuart get to the big boss in Manhattan and save the family business? Hold the front page!

Chapter 7: River Pirates of New York.
In the old days there really were pirates operating in the rivers of New York. Our story concerns Smelly Nellie McGuinness who kidnaps an English Lord. He turns out to have some unexpected talents.

Chapter 8: Ghost Host.
When movie star Tom Hulse leases an old stone cottage in Scotland he discovers it comes with a housekeeper – a spooky and kooky ghost.

Chapter 9: The Itch Witch.
Benny thought he would be rich and famous if he could catch the Tooth Fairy. Many had tried, all had failed. But now it was time for tooth or dare.

Chapter 10: The Lost Leprechauns.
For his coming of age initiation, young leprechaun Innis wanted to go to Austria. He and his Uncle Dugan get the surprise of their lives when they end up in outback Australia by mistake. What will come of their blunder down under?

Chapter 11: The Apothecary.
Sam takes an after school job helping Griff, an old man who lives out of town. Griff offers some strange solutions to Sam's problems at school. Will Griff's elixirs really be fixes?

Chapter 12: Mother Decstice. (Secular December holiday season story)
Four boys are camping in the desert when one of them causes the cloudship of Mother Decstice to crash and injure her ankle. It is then up to the boys to travel the globe in her cloudship to spread joy powder in time for the December solstice celebrations. Merry Decstice!

Approximately 40,000 words

August 1
Pat Darcy
Draft2Digital, LLC

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