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The Sunshine State actually has a pretty dark side. 

Think about it. Florida is a mecca for wealthy retirees to enjoy their younger girlfriends, yachts and marble-floored mansions, where recreational drugs, booze and sex flow like the warm water that surrounds this state. 

A place where teenage girls and their boyfriends kill their parents in the name of love, and women shoot their boyfriends then claim self-defense. 

New York Times bestselling crime author Caitlin Rother dives into murder cases from the vacation destination that is home to Disney World and miles of beaches, yet also has more killers on its death row than any other state but California. 

This compilation pairs two sets of cases with similar circumstances but very different outcomes. In the first story, a former flight attendant murders her multimillionaire boyfriend of eighteen years, using a gun, a knife, a hammer (and possibly poisoned his gin as well), claiming he was abusive for years and put a loaded gun to her head. 

In the second story, a woman with a history of violent, drug-addicted boyfriends kills her latest lover after only a few weeks together, alleging that he forced a gun into her mouth in a drug-induced rage. 

In the third tale, a 15-year-old girl falls in love and wants to have a baby with a boyfriend who is four years older. Her mother, who wants to end the relationship, ends up dead after being stabbed, choked, and injected with a syringe loaded with bleach. Finally, a 16-year-old girl and her 20-year-old boyfriend craft a scheme to bludgeon her disapproving father to death with a baseball bat. 

Welcome to Florida, Notorious USA. 

May 20
Notorious USA
Gregg Olsen

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