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The Joyride

Two teenage boys in a borrowed car find a dead man along the roadside… who turns out to be not so dead. 

The Body

The man has been shot in the back of the head, but the steel plate in his skull saved his life. He has no ID and no memory. But in his pocket is Professor Olivia Dupree’s card, with her home address and private number hand written on the back. 

The Mysterious Stranger

Olivia has secrets that could get her killed. It makes her nervous that the reclusive author she invited to be the guest speaker at a private fund raiser, was apparently the target of a professional hit. But that has to be who he is. Aaron Westhaven, the author she’s read so much, he feels like a friend. The card she’s shown is the one she sent him, the handwriting on the back, her own. He was due to arrive the same day the stranger was found. 

The Assassin 

An attempt on Olivia’s life proves there is some connection between the dangerous past she’s been hiding from for 16 years, and the people who want Aaron dead. The author himself is sexy as hell, and way tougher than she expected. He knows way more than a hermitic writer should about combat, weapons, and evading authorities. 

Is it him?

She begins to suspect Aaron isn’t Aaron at all, but a killer sent after her by an old enemy from her past. It’s a shame that by then, she’s already fallen for him.  

“Maggie Shayne’s books have a permanent spot on my keeper shelf. She writes wonderful stories with page-turning thrills. I highly recommend her to any fan of romantic suspense.”

#1 New York Times bestselling author KAREN ROBARDS

October 12
Thunderfoot Publishing Inc.

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