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Louis grew up in the toughest streets of Birmingham. The streets where his own friends wouldn't think twice before stabbing him in the back. The streets where women were seen as sex objects, rather than people. The streets where showing emotion was seen as a weakness. The streets where "kill or be killed" was the code that you needed to live by in order to survive...

After a tragedy, Louis lost his way. When he is thrown onto the dark and dangerous path of crime lord Steve Sawyers, the kingpin of the city's biggest drug cartel, will Louis step up as he uncovers a world he never imagined? Or will his stepfather's dirty secrets and deceit ultimately lead to his own downfall?

"A darkly disturbing, edgy, hard-hitting and compelling read from the start." - Book Viral Reviews

Kill or be Killed is the first instalment out of six books in the Mafia Kingpin series - a thrilling and heartbreaking tale of organised crime in Birmingham, which follows a man's battle to get out of the hood.

Series summary:

A cold and ruthless Mafia Kingpin, "kill or be killed" is what Louis lives by... Until he meets Sarina: a sexy, mysterious woman who turns his life upside down.

Follow Louis's journey as he transitions from a young, teenage boy into a mob boss, as he is influenced by his crime lord stepfather Steve Sawyers. Watch Louis as he is thrown into a dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling, gun trafficking, money laundering, fraud, sex, psychopaths and murderers...

There aren't any friends on these streets.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 4
A. G. Khaliq
Smashwords, Inc.

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