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Billy and Susan loved to hear their father read stories to them every night at bedtime. Susan told her brother Billy that the stories were for little kids. Susan said, "Billy I love dad, but I wish he would read scary stories to us instead of stories like Peter Pan and Alice and Wonderland. They were ok when we were younger, but we are so much older now." "I feel the same way. I like it when mother and father go out to dinner at night so we can watch scary movies together, "replied Billy.

"Next time we spend the night with grandma, maybe we can sneak out of bed and see if she has any old creepy books in her attic. If she does we can give them to our father to read to us instead of those boring stories he's been reading over and over for the past several years!" exclaimed Susan. "Tonight we'll ask him if he'll let us spend the night at grandma's house this weekend. I'm sure he'll say yes," said Billy.

Night finally arrived. Billy and Susan asked their father if they could spend the night with their grandma tomorrow. Their father said, "I don't see why that would be a problem because your mother and I were planning a weekend trip."

Billy and Susan would find their scary book they had been hoping for, but this book should have been left in the attic where it belongs untouched in the trunk where they found it.

Fiction & Literature
September 21
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Imcharisma ,

Killer Bedtime Stories

Was fun to read because the old style haunting stories that left u terrified of the boogeyman or an actual ghost. The terror of ur heart pumping so fast and loud u feel like everywhere can hear it too. The creaking floor, the cool breeze, feeling of being watched by something u can't shoot or fight or battle in any way. It's old and see through and it wants nothing more than to get YOU. Scream all u want. Run and it becomes more intense and determined to get u leaving u to be scared to death type of story.

VanityInsanityX ,


Did a fourth grader write this?

😻Carlyisakitty😻 ,

It was a great story, but too short for me

I liked the story. It seemed pretty cool and all, but that concept could be sooo much more with a little character development and more chapters. The writing didn’t seem very planned and the character’s speech sounded forced. There’s definitely lots of potential, but it was very short

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