Killer Fog: The Veil of Mist Shrouds a Deadly Conspiracy

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The Veil of Mist Shrouds a Deadly Conspiracy

Can Killer Fog's hero, Clay Cantrell, uncover the treacherous scheme hidden in a fog of lies and deceit, before the conspirators turn on him? Bruce Wetterau's new mystery thriller pits Clay against cold-blooded killers who will stop at nothing to steal a world-changing scientific discovery destined to flood the world with cheap, clean energy. But Clay doesn't know who they are, or even what they are up to, only that somehow he's become involved. Good luck. His search for the truth about that evil conspiracy becomes something like opening a set of Russian nesting dolls. Solving one mystery, Clay discovers, only leads to another, deeper mystery within the first, and then yet another concealed inside that one.
Clay unwittingly stumbles onto the fringes of this shadowy underworld as the scheme is taking shape. He is no hapless victim though. Clay and his long-time friend, Mac Harper, are both ex-Army Rangers and know how to take care of themselves. These days, they run a company that restores old houses, even though they are now rich beyond anything they ever imagined, thanks to a cache of lost Confederate gold they discovered on a previous adventure. Their newfound wealth hasn't changed them--they still are not the kind of men to back away from a fight, or to let go of a mystery until it's solved.
That's good, because this mystery has a long tail--reaching all the way back to 1940 and a fanatical Nazi spy ring operating in prewar America. With all the bad actors lined up against them, one mistake could cost Clay and Mac their lives. Meanwhile, the fate of that world-changing discovery, based on an amazing new cold fusion device, hangs in the balance.
Killer Fog, inspired by some of today's hottest hot-button issues, is the second novel in Bruce Wetterau's mystery series, Clay Cantrell Mysteries: Tales of the Unexpected. The first is Lost Treasure, a treasure hunt mystery adventure. Wetterau is currently at work on the third book in the series, The Girl Behind the Wall. For more information, links direct to online retailer order pages for print and e-book editions, and to author interviews, visit

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 18
Bruce Wetterau
Draft2Digital, LLC

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