Killer Seduction Killer Seduction
Book 4 - Killer Style

Killer Seduction

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Publisher Description

Mika Ito combines her two favorite things in life—textile design and live-action role-playing (LARP)—by creating costumes for her fellow Magic Battledome gamers. Lately, someone's been assaulting LARPers and stealing their costumes. Concerned for the safety of her friends, Mika hires Maltese Security...only to discover that the lead investigator is the super-hot stranger she just hooked up with.

Carlos Castillo is all too familiar with Magic Battledome. A former legend in role-playing circles, he was all about gaming, until things went very, very wrong for him. Now he's forced to return to the game undercover—as Mika's boyfriend—to find some answers. Only playing “boyfriend” with his gorgeous one-night stand is more temptation than a guy can withstand...

Someone wants the costumes enough to kill for them. And when it comes to murder, nothing is what it seems...

Each book in the Killer Style series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 High-heeled Wonder
Book #2 This Year's Black
Book #3 Make Me Up
Book #4 Designed for Murder

November 9
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

THPayne ,

Carlos - the HOT nerd!

I do enjoy this series so much! And I fell in love with Carlos when he was "just" the computer guy of the Maltese Security Team. I enjoy seeing the more Alpha side of him, of course! He & Mika make a great pair. And though I'm so not a Live Role Playing person, I love that Carlos seems to embrace his love of it and that he & Mika have that connection! The chemistry is off the charts with these two! Great book!

Groomsmom ,

Designed For Murder

I have never had any experience with LARP ( Live Action Role Playing) and was very interested to see how this novel approached it. It was fascinating!

Carlos Castiilo known as 'Los to his fellow operatives in Maltese Security, has been trying to prove he is more than a computer geek for over a year. A long time Gamer in the world of Battledrome, where he was known as Zephyr, tragedy made him drop gaming and live in the "real world" of his security job. A lost bet and a hook up in a grungy bar leaves him with a strange feeling of sadness. She was gone when he woke up, and for the first time in a long time he was hoping for more.

Mika Ito is a textile designer which she loves , but, she also is the Silver Queen in Battledrome. She designs elaborate costumes for her soldiers to wear while LARPing. Lately some of her fellow players have been mugged, no one badly hurt so far, thank goodness, but they are stealing her costumes. What could anyone want with those? She decides to consult with Maltese Security to hopefully figure it out. But, in walks her gorgeous one night stand from the bar last night! He is an operative and assigned to her case. Now, that's uncomfortable, especially when he is expected to go undercover as her new boyfriend. When she finds out who his alter ego was she decides maybe he is the one for the job. Especially when she herself is mugged. 'Los goes into protection mode, but he really wants more.

This is the fourth Book in the Killer Style series. It can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend the first three in the series, all a unique and enjoyable read. Designed For Murder is a look into the world of role playing and on line adventures that cross over into everyday life. A very interesting story, with sizzle.

I received this ARC from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
Pat Fordyce

tree7404 ,

Hot design

Mika is a textile designer and designs costumes for LARP in Magic battle dome. There have been a run of muggings on her costumes and she can't figure out why. When the police won't listen take her seriously she goes to Maltese Security, and Carlos Castillo is put on her case, who happens to be the man she had a one night stand with. Will they be able to figure out what is going on with the costumes and muggings. Is there more to the one night stand.

Mika and Carlos are hot together. This book has intrigue and suspense. Avery Flynn has another hit.

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